being MVP: Effortless Holiday Entertaining #SimplyHolidaysAtSamsClub #ad

Effortless Holiday Entertaining #SimplyHolidaysAtSamsClub #ad

This post is sponsored by SheSpeaks, Inc. and Simply Orange Juice Company.

I can't believe that it's December and that holiday festivities are in full swing with parties, get togethers and Kenzie's birthday parties, of course. It seems as if we try to see all of our relatives and longtime friends in such a short span of time that effortless holiday entertaining tricks and tips are a must. What I love is Sam's Club has everything you need for the holidays from decor to food and gifts. 

Recreating my childhood 'fizzy' drink for the kids this holiday season started off with Simply Orange®,: my go to orange juice. It arrives conveniently in a 2-pack to last the week in our household. For holiday entertaining we pick up a few of these. The recipe is simple yet festive. Equal parts Simply Orange®, and Sprite (or sparkling soda) with a splash of fresh lime juice. To give it an extra flair dip the rim of the glass in sugar after moistening with Simply Orange®,.

While your friends and family sip on this bubbly juice, they can snack on Member's Marks Nuts : I really like the Deluxe Roasted Mixed Nuts with Sea Salt - a savory mix of roasted almonds, cashews, hazelnuts & pecans. You can pick up cute little party cups from your craft store and just pour a handful into each one and set around your home. It's effortless and you can spend more time with your guests. 

Another tip for holiday decor is just snipping off a few branches of your overgrown front bush (yes last minute for Thanksgiving worked out well for me) and place into medium sized glass mason jars. You can even wrap a bit of twine around the neck of the jar and tie into a bow. It's rustic and charming and oh so simple. 

Simply Beverages®, are deliciously simple. Find these great-tasting 100% juices and juice drinks in the refrigerated section of your Sam’s Club

What are some of your favorite go to holiday entertaining tips

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  1. What a wonderful easy 'fizzy' orange juice drink recipe. I know my grandchildren would love help making and drinking this.

  2. Thank you for such simple ideas of guest holiday catering. Usually I invite a lot of friends to my place during weekends and I need to make some simple tasty snacks for them. I ordered basic catering from but it's not very convenient to wait for them and in case of lack I don't know what to do. Now I will make drinks and snacks at home.

  3. I love saving money by buying things in bulk! I definitely agree that Sams Club makes it easier to entertain. :)

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