being MVP: 2017 World Vision Gift Catalog + $500+ Box #Giveaway #WVGiftCatalog @WorldVisionUSA

2017 World Vision Gift Catalog + $500+ Box #Giveaway #WVGiftCatalog @WorldVisionUSA

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While we get wrapped up in all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, we tend to forget the main purpose: to give. Why not combine the task of checking off your holiday gift list with meaningful contributions to world wide charities with the World Vision Gift Catalog.

When a donation is made to World Vision's “Where Most Needed” fund, donors can choose from different items (like the below) to receive as a meaningful memento of their gift.

The Heaton Hope Bracelet ($100) – This year, everyone’s favorite TV mom, Patricia Heaton, has partnered with World Vision to design the Patricia Heaton Hope Bracelet. The name was purposely chosen to encourage people to feel hopeful about our world and to give hope, through generosity, to those in need.

Vietnamese Tote ($100) – Disabled Vietnamese women gain independence by creating these beautiful hand-embroidered purses.

African Soapstone Box ($85) – Talented artisans bring raw stone to life with etched designs and hand dyed finishes that showcase modern African creativity and provide a sustainable way out of poverty.

Charm Necklace ($100) – Made by a gold and silver plating specialist in India, the unique and elegant charms make this necklace a subtle statement piece.

Infinity Scarf ($75) – This fashion-forward accessory is made by artisans in India who are trained in the loom industry to attain skills and a sustainable livelihood.

Wraparound Ring ($55) – A vibrant, adjustable ring with aqua and blue chalcedony stones set in metal, made by female artisans in India.

Not only are the products created to help rid the world of poverty, but they are made with wonderful detail and quality proving to be an incredible gift to anyone. Not only do you feel good about your purchase, but gift receivers are able to enjoy a wonderful product knowing helped a community across the world that needed it. Local artisans and nations across the world help create these wonderful products to work themselves out of poverty. Each piece is handmade with intricate design and workmanship. 

Since 1996, the World Vision Gift Catalog has given people the opportunity to better the lives of children, adults and communities in the U.S. and around the world through hundreds of gifts in all different areas of need: clean water, food, education, sexual exploitation, job training and others. In fiscal year 2016, more than 112,000 people donated more than 274,000 items from the Gift Catalog helping people around the world. To order from World Vision’s Gift Catalog, visit or call toll-free at 1-855-WV-GIFTS (1-855-984-4387).

This year give a gift to surely to brighten the face of your loved ones as well as brighten the future of someone across the world.

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One Winner will Receive a Box of World Vision Gift Catalog Items ($500+)!

(Open to US)


  1. My studio has adopted a family this year and we are all picking ornaments with gifts and doing free workshops to help us raise money for them!

  2. I donated to Toys for Tots and I donate to a few others when I get the chance.

  3. We always do Operation Christmas Child. Yes, I have heard of World Vision and have donated to them sometime as well.

    Hello Ashley Suzanne

  4. We donate food and clothes all year long and we donate gifts at Christmas time for Toys for Tots.

  5. world vision is a great organization. we donate by buying gifts for needy families in the area

  6. I usually donate to my church and toys for tots. Yes, I've heard of world vision before.

  7. I give toys for toys 4 tots and I have heard of world vision.

  8. WQorld Vision does wonderful work! I have already started buying the grocery bags of food that go to our local food pantry. I'll keep that up through the season.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  9. I have heard of World Vision and really love their work. We give to Toys for Tots and helping the people at work.

  10. We donate through Samaritans Purse Shoe Box and other things through our church to help those in need. Laura V.

  11. WE donate to our local food pantry each year. We also bring a load of donations to the Durham Rescue Thrift store to resell. I have heard of World Vision and their good work and neat items they sell.

  12. We donate to our local food pantry

  13. We donate through our church to help with several local charities. I have heard of World Vision and like that they support so many groups in need around the world.

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