being MVP: SmartGames: Temple Connection | Snow White | IQ Focus | Jump'IN + #Giveaway

SmartGames: Temple Connection | Snow White | IQ Focus | Jump'IN + #Giveaway

Disclosure: My contributor received the following for review. All the opinions are her own.

Nowadays in the world of electronics, children are spending less time doing hands-on learning and more time on electronics. So, I was excited to have my two kids try out found SmartGames. SmartGames are designed to build a variety of cognitive skills ranging from spatial insight to pattern recognition. When the games first arrived, I was a little worried that they were above my children’s skill levels. My son, Mason, is 6 years old and my daughter, Kaitlyn, is 5 years old. However, I was interested to see how the games work and we sat down and played with each one.

SmartGames Temple Connection
I was excited to have my 6 years old son, Mason, try SmartGames Temple Connection since he loves building. The game consists of a few simple pieces (bridges, roads, and temples) and a small board. The object of the game is to place the puzzle pieces on the board and create paths that connect the temples together.

Mason instantly took to the game. He had fun playing with it and enjoyed going through each challenge. As a mom, it felt good giving my son a toy that is not only fun, but makes him utilize his planning, spatial, and problem-solving skills. We worked through the first few challenges together and after challenge #4, Mason could continue the puzzles on his own. There were some challenges that he needed help on but after a quick tip from me, he was right back at it and ended up solving the puzzles by himself. Mason is now on level #29 and is determined to finish all 80 levels!

SmartGames Snow White
My daughter, Kaitlyn, is a typical girly girl. She has no interest in puzzles or games and wants to play pretend all the time. I didn’t think Kaitlyn would like SmartGames Snow White. To my pleasant surprise, the game was an instant hit with her. Kaitlyn was very excited to see the familiar figures from one of her favorite stories, Snow White.

The game contains a 3D house, 7 Dwarfs, Snow White, the Evil Queen, a booklet with 48 challenges, and a picture book. Everything is of top quality. The house and figurines are sturdy and well-made. The object of the game is to place each figure in the house based on the clues provided in the challenge. Some challenges have stipulations, such as where a character can or cannot be placed.
Kaitlyn and I worked through the first few challenges together. At first, I did most of the problem solving and the instructional reading. But as we progressed through the challenges, Kaitlyn quickly picked up the logic of the game and was able to read the instructional booklet on her own by the fourth challenge.

I saved the picture book for bedtime. The book has many pictures that follow the traditional Snow White story line. There are no words. It was a fun family time as we go through each picture and talked about what’s happening in the scene. And since we had to connect the story from one picture to another, it was a great opportunity for Kaitlyn to use her story telling skills.
Incorporating a well-loved story into an educational game is a wonderful way to get kids who are not inclined to do puzzles to sit down and play the game.

SmartGames IQ Focus
SmartGames IQ Focus consists of a box and 10 3D puzzle pieces. There are 5 levels to the game (Starter, Junior, Expert, Master, and Wizard). Each level consists of 24 challenges. The object of a challenge is to fit all pieces on the game board so that the 9 center squares match what is shown in the challenge.

My son, Mason, and I worked on challenges #1-6 together. He was having fun with each challenge and couldn’t wait to get to the next level. After challenge #6, I had to step away to do some work but Mason kept playing by himself. During the next hour, I was constantly impressed as Mason periodically came up to me with a proud smile when he completed a challenge on his own.
It’s been almost a week since Mason started playing IQ Focus. He has played with the game every day, anywhere from 5-30 minutes at a time. Mason is now on challenge #29. There are moments when he would call me over for help but for the most part, he completed the challenges on his own.

SmartGames Jump'IN
SmartGames Jump'IN is a cute game that challenges players to help rabbits get safely to their homes by jumping over mushrooms and foxes. There is a total of 60 challenges, each increasing in difficulty. Both of my kids loved the game and have fun seeing who can find the shortest answer. I love that even though the game is simple, it really makes the players think about the solution. Since the rabbits can jump several times to get to safety, it forces players think of the steps ahead to solve the challenge. As a momma, I also love that the game board is small and comes with a lid that lets us store everything neatly away for easy clean up!

I must admit I wouldn’t typically buy SmartGames for my or even anyone else’s kids. I usually buy “fun” gifts to avoid being the person that gives the “boring” gift. However, after trying out SmartGames I highly recommend this game to anyone with kids. It is hard to find educational games that are fun and keep a kid interested after the first play. SmartGames not only build their cognitive skills but their confidence. My kids’ excitement and pride when they completed a game level was priceless. SmartGames’ affordable prices, ranging from $9.99 -26.99, makes them a great gift. I plan on stocking up on a few of these games for the holidays!
One Winner will Receive Choice of Game Above! (Open to US)


  1. I think my kiddo would like either the Snow white game or the Temple Connections game!! Both look right up his alley and I LOVE games that get him using his mind!! <3

  2. I think my kid would enjoy "SmartGames IQ Focus"


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