being MVP: DIY Reindeer Noses Candy Tubes Craft @OrientalTrading

DIY Reindeer Noses Candy Tubes Craft @OrientalTrading

I love this season of happiness and gifting. It's so much fun seeing the kids pick out gifts for their friends and family as well as picking up secret Santa gifts along the way. The kids also love to craft so why not make something adorable for the holidays that we can gift such as these Reindeer Noses Candy Tubes?

These are quick and easy to make but loads of fun. They can be stocking stuffers, classmate gifts, coworker desk surprises and more. Kenzie had a blast making them and can't wait to give them to her friends.

  • Small Favor Tubes 
  • Brown Chocolate Christmas Candies 
  • Red Chocolate Candies 
  • Holiday or Christmas Paper
  • Twine
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Metallic Sharpie

1. Fill favor tubes with a mixture of red and brown candies to create the Reindeer Tubes with more brown than red. Cap the tube. 
2. Cut out tags with the paper and use the sharpie to write Reindeer Noses.

3. Attach a tag to the tube with twine and tie. You can embellish with some washi tape if you want.
4. Gift your awesome Reindeer Noses!

Definitely another fun Christmas Craft from Oriental Trading. They have amazing homemade ideas for adults and kids for this holiday season.

What you going to make and gift for the holidays?


  1. Omgosh what a seriously adorable idea!! I love oriental treading co!! Their prices are amazing and their customer service is even better!!

  2. Always looking for something different for the Christmas stockings and this is it. Oriental Trading has everything!

  3. They have so many fun things to craft with. Cute idea.

    slehan at juno dot com


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  5. These are so adorable to make and have the kids do for Christmas next year. I like how pretty your Candy tubes turned out!

  6. These are a cute idea and look fun to make.

  7. Cute idea! I'll have to keep this in mind for next year!

  8. These would make really cute gifts.


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