being MVP: Travel Well With Super Wings + #Win a Prize Pack Everyday!

Travel Well With Super Wings + #Win a Prize Pack Everyday!

I love the holidays and especially getting together with the family. Growing up I couldn’t wait to get bundled up in the car with my parents and driving what seemed like forever, to my aunt’s house. Every year for Christmas all my aunts and uncles and numerous cousins would meet on Christmas eve and spend the entire night eating, playing games and watching movies.

The drive to my aunt’s house was exciting, but took forever because we didn’t have fun toys to entertain us and so my brother and I would talk or play games with each other all the way there to make time pass quicker. As all of my cousins have now grown up and have children of their own, we have carried the Christmas eve tradition to the next generation and I love bundling up my little ones to get together with the rest of the family so they can enjoy the same. Fortunately for them there are many toys that we pack to keep them entertained. 

Super Wings goodies are the perfect way to ring in the season as they are ideal for travel and make the perfect stocking stuffer. My little ones love the different types of Super Wings they can collect. From Rev n Go jets to transforming planes, they come in an assortment of fun characters perfect for any gender and various ages. They even have a soft plush as well as fun remote control jets and also have fun stations like runways and workshops for creative play. My kids love playing with their toys and I love that they are the perfect Christmas stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to be a hit.

From now until December 8th, you can visit Auldey’s Facebook page to enter a chance to win a Super Wings toys prize pack as well as a $100 travel voucher. Super Wings is the perfect way to entertain any child during the busy travel season and help create fun memories that they will cherish for years to come.


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