being MVP: Step Into Fall with Blundstone Boots @blundstoneus

Step Into Fall with Blundstone Boots @blundstoneus

Disclosure: I received the following for review. All opinions are my own.

Shopping for shoes is not an easy job, but it can be fun especially for my kiddos. With all the fun styles and cute options available I’m always excited to find shoes that my kids and I both love. Blunnies by Blundstone are amazing and I love them especially for this fall season. 

My kids love the look as do I and I think they go great with almost anything they wear. They are the perfect height and fit for my kiddos’ feet. They come in fun yet practical colors that work well for their wardrobe and preference. 

Blundstone traces back to the 1870s and is a company based on longevity as are their products. Their boots are not only comfortable, but are constructed to withstand daily use in the most rugged use. In fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee and protects against any defect in workmanship or materials with no questions asked! Blundstone is not only durable but comfortable with a comfort footbed to provide shock absorption and sole protection to reduce fatigue and orthopedic problems. In fact, The American Podiatric Medical Association recognizes Blundstone shoes as beneficial to foot health. A fun trendy look plus health benefits, what more could I want?

I love the quality that Blundstone provides in all their products especially with their Blunnies line for kids. There are no laces and still provide a good fit with the elastic side bands. They also have an extra pair of footbeds that you can remove as your child’s feet grow for extra months of wear. Nothing makes me happier than a company that understands how to accommodate a child’s growth and the needs of a parent in their conception! 

Blundstone shoes are built on quality and ingenuity and I feel comforted knowing that my kids are protected in their shoes. Best of all, my kids are super excited about their new shoes and truly love how good they feel and look as they run around and create daily terror everywhere they go!


  1. Love love love a company that prides themselves on quality and longevity!! And Omgosh they are ADORABLE!!

  2. My son could really use a nice pair of boots like these!

  3. I love these little boots. They are adorable and with the winters we get they would be wonderful to keep his feet warm and dry.

  4. These boots are absolutely adorable! I love that they are so high quality and comfortable. :) I definitely need to get all 3 of my littles a pair for the upcoming colder weather!

  5. I love these adorable boots. I would love to buy Alysia the Purple ones, but they are sold out!

  6. Your kids are too cute in those boots! Love that they come with a lifetime guarantee.. the boots, not the kids! ;)

  7. Okay, these are fabulous! I love, love, love the style and the great colors your kiddos are wearing! I like that they look like my daughter could put them on all by herself. The removable footbed is such a huge plus! Going to,check them out now and to see if they come in my size, too!


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