being MVP: Celebrate Family Fun Month with Tiny Love

Celebrate Family Fun Month with Tiny Love

Disclosure: My friend Laura received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

Our baby’s daily “circuit” was pretty monotonous for the first month: fresh diaper, fuel up, bouncer for about 5 minutes, swing about 10 minutes, tummy time about 5 minutes, top off, and finally rest (sleep!) about 1-2 hours. Repeat. Now that she’s just over 6 weeks old, though, she’s more alert, and we’re starting to interact and “play!” So, we’ve been checking out Tiny Love’s Gymini My Musical Friends activity mat, and she’s loving it!

If you’ve ever fought with activity mat arches, you will appreciate the no-fuss set up of this one: simply pull it out of the package, unsnap the mat, and you’re all set! The only additional set-up, if desired, is attaching the musical elephant to the pre-positioned Velcro strip and secure the strap with a simple knot.

The mat comes with 7 attachments, each with a different animal and sound effect (e.g. rattle, clapper, tambourine, etc.), that you can easily slide up and down the arches for optimal positioning. And since the attachments are like little musical instruments, she can still play with them when she’s outgrown the mat itself. The detachable musical elephant plays 8 songs, and can also be used without the mat in the crib or on the go. Baby girl’s favorite right now is “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” so that’s on heavy rotation. 

One of the best parts of this activity mat, though, is that there are snaps on the bottom of the mat, making it super easy to fold flat and put away when we’re not using it – if you have a tiny space like we do, this feature is especially awesome – and or when we travel or go to the grandparents’ house! No more pulling the arches out, except when you want to clean the washing machine-safe mat!

We believe it’s never too early to start reading to your baby! Since we have a 4yo boy at home, our baby girl has been hearing all about trains, construction trucks and garbage trucks since she was the size of a sesame seed in the womb. It wasn’t until she was born that we realized we didn’t have any books geared for her and her bright, observant eyes.

When we received Tiny Love’s “Where Do I Live” book, it was great because there are no words, meaning I got to make up my own stories to go along with the fun tactile bits on each bright and colorful page! Any parent would know how fun it is to read the same story over and over and over and over again, so this was a nice departure until she’s old enough to say “Again!”

The “6-page book” is soft and crinkly, colorful, and includes lots of engaging pieces for babies to move and flip. The book also comes with a linky loop so you can clip it to a car seat or stroller so your baby can read on the go without worrying about it getting lost or dirty. Best of all, it “talks” about where different things live, which is a great way to start teaching about what and where home is. We know this book will be going with us everywhere, and back home!


  1. Love it!! I love the easy set up and storage!! So perfect!! We always struggle to find room for everything in my small apartment!!

  2. They make some really neat product and this activity mat it so cute!

  3. I love Tiny Love products! All 3 of my babies enjoyed their baby toys, they are all so cute and colorful! :) This play mat looks like a blast, I definitely miss those tummy time days!

  4. How darling that is. What a great present it would make for a mom with a new (ish!) baby.

  5. Those activity mats really are a life saver! I just wish we had gotten one with stuff overhead for our little guy!

  6. We loved our Gymni by Tiny Love. Aren't those pop up arches awesome??? This is the new one I recommend to all friends with babies. Have fun with your sweet little girl!

  7. I've seen a few of these activity mats and think they are a great all in one entertainment piece for the kiddos. Fast and easy to assemble it looks like.


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