being MVP: Top Breastfeeding Products for Success + #Giveaway

Top Breastfeeding Products for Success + #Giveaway

Disclosure: My contributor Laura received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

Every woman needs a LBD in their clothing arsenal. I have several, but none of them work for me now that I’m nursing our baby. Enter Udderly Hot Mama® Nursing and Pumping Wear’s Chic Cowl Nursing Dress. Just this past week, I needed a simple black top for a photo op and was wearing a basic black t-shirt until DD had a little mishap. So, I reached for the next black piece in the closet: my brand new solid black Chic Cowl Nursing Dress. I ripped the tag off, and threw it on in a hurry; it was effortlessly flattering!

This stylish and comfortable piece can be easily dressed up or down, is flattering even for my post-partum body, and makes nursing (or pumping) easy with the pull down neck. The bonus is the inside flap, which helps provide a little extra privacy, and can be removed (three buttons on each side once our baby is weaned, and replaced if/when we have another baby.

At a great price point of $59.99, the dress comes in solid black, a black/white lace, and a teal color. Feel comfortable and chic without any effort, and be able to nurse my baby with a little extra privacy? Yes, please! I’m definitely picking up another one of these in teal! This is a dress I’m sure to keep in my wardrobe after baby girl is weaned! Another bonus is that the dress is made in the USA!

Breastmilk is like liquid gold. If you’re anything like me, I don’t like to waste a single, precious drop. Before Milkies Milk-Saver, however, I never thought about how to save the milk that leaks, and just used breast pads to soak up what leaks out. Now, with Milkies Milk-Saver, I can save and store what leaks out while I’m breastfeeding on the other side, and it’s so easy to use! I simply slipped the Milk-Saver into my bra on the non-nursing side before I breastfed, and then poured the collected milk into a storage container when I finished nursing.

Since I’m on the smaller side, the Milk-Saver is a bit bulky in my bra and stuck out a bit so it wasn’t as “discreet” as I had hoped, but it’s made with comfortable and soft silicone so I didn’t really notice it otherwise. The Milk-Saver costs $27.95 and can hold a little over 2 ounces of breast milk, and comes with a convenient case that doubles as a stand for the Milk-Saver. Genius! This is a great item for someone who may have a supply issue or if you’re trying to save as much milk as possible before returning to work, etc.

Any new mama who breastfeeds will probably worry about and experience some fluctuation in milk supply, and if you’re like me, you’re willing to try just about anything and everything to ensure you can provide enough breastmilk for your baby. With a 2 week old going through a growth spurt while I’ve been down with a cold, I noticed and was worried about a decrease in my supply so I tried the all-natural chocolate flavor drink mix by UpSpring called Milkflow.

The drink mix comes in a box of 18 pre-portioned packets. I simply mixed a packet with 6 ounces of cold milk (you can mix it with hot milk as well, but it’s too hot out to try it that way right now), and enjoyed a glass of chocolaty milk. It reminded me of the powdered chocolate milk mixes when I was a kid – it had some graininess to it, but I didn’t mind as it was somewhat nostalgic for me. More importantly, though, I noticed a difference in my supply the next day, and with just a single packet! Recommended directions are to take 1 packet daily, increasing up to 3 packets per day as needed.

Very reasonably priced at just $14.99 a box, the drink mix contains fenugreek and blessed thistle, which are both known to help stimulate milk production, and is a great alternative to other lactation teas and capsules, or even lactation cookies (stay tuned for a recipe for these!). UpSpring also makes the all-natural, gluten free, and non-GMO drink mix in two other flavors I have not yet tried – Berry and Citrus – and the small packets are easy to tuck into your diaper bag or purse. The downside of the chocolate flavor mix is that it is meant to be mixed with milk, not water, so unless you have milk at the ready when you’re out and about, that flavor might not be so easy to consume on the go.

If drink mixes aren’t your thing, UpSpring also makes Milkflow gummies in a natural caramel apple flavor, or supplement capsules.

One Winner will Receive Upspring Milkflow and Milkies Milk-Saver!

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  1. When I nursed my son I had a major supply issue!! I took fenugreek like crazy and pumped after every nursing session! It was exhausting!! So worth it though!!

  2. Biting is a huge thing with my toddler right now!

  3. My breastfeeding issue is will there be enough supply?

  4. I'm currently struggling with increasing my supply now that I'm back at work and my boy is drinking three 5 ounce bottles at daycare ��

  5. I am expecting my first born mid-September and I really hope I will be able to breastfeed!!!

  6. I am expecting my first born mid-September and I really hope I will be able to breastfeed!!!

  7. I've been feeding on demand, and I've slacked off the pumping game. I'd like to really try the cookies, shakes, whatever to build my supply back up for vacations and road trips. It'd be great to send hi. To grandma's for a full weekend too!!

  8. I had been feeding on demand which seriously seemed like constantly like he wanted to nonstop nurse and yet he kept losing weight, which made me feel so badly and finally I was so scared I quit. Our daughter is expecting our 1st grandbaby in March and I am trying to find ways like entering this giveaway to help support her in her desire to breastfeed,because naturally I don't want her to have a bad experience like I did.

  9. Latching was a struggle with my first.

  10. Being able to keep up my supply.

  11. I have a great milk supply in the morning time, but my supply depletes towards the evening. :(

  12. oh i had crazy let down with my last two... who knows how this one will go!

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