being MVP: Start Saving with SoCalGas and Solar Water Heating #SoCalGas #SolarH2O #ad

Start Saving with SoCalGas and Solar Water Heating #SoCalGas #SolarH2O #ad

Living environmentally aware is very important especially when I think about the future for our children. My husband and I have been improving our home and changing things to lead an environmentally sustainable life. With the help of SoCalGas everyone can begin living more conscientiously. 

As an eco friendly family we've become more aware of our impact on the environment and thanks to the help of SoCalGas we've learned many ways to help preserve the environment, save energy and save money. We have changed our light bulbs to be energy efficient ones, we take pride in recycling and teach our children the importance also.  We've even converted our yards to drought friendly landscape. With all the rebates and incentives that are offered, it makes changing things easy and beneficial. 

SoCalGas is s great resource of education on alternate energy sources and provides ample methods for people to convert their homes into energy efficient ones. One of the products that I was impressed with was the concept of solar water heating.

Solar water heating is an effective way to increase the efficiency your existing hot water system as well as reduce costs. A solar water heating system does not replace your existing water heater, but instead works in conjunction with your traditional or tankless water heater. It preheats the water with the warmth of the sun to help your hot water system use less energy so you never have to worry about not having hot water. Best of all, the California Solar Initiative provides a rebate of up to $10,238 for converting your home so making the change is easy. The amount of your rebate is based on how much energy the solar water heating system is expected to displace annually. 

The right solar water heating system can maximize the energy you save each month and determines your rebate so call one of eligible contractors from the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program to help determine the right system for you.

Check out SoCalGas for more information and let us know how you’ve begun saving energy and costs with an eco friendly home.


  1. I would love love love to do this when we build our home!! I hate the big gas and electric bills and Id love to make a positive impact on the environment!!

  2. I would love to be able to save more on our bills. Sounds like great options!

  3. This sounds like a really great way to save money. It's nice you can get a rebate for converting your home.

  4. This all sounds really neat and I'm going to have to tell my husband about it!


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