being MVP: Playtime Anywhere with Stride Rite Phibian #‎teamstriderite @striderite

Playtime Anywhere with Stride Rite Phibian #‎teamstriderite @striderite

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Growing kids is synonymous with growing feet in our house. Needless to say, I’m always looking for new shoes that I love, promote healthy development and my kids love. The difficult part is that I tend to need different shoes for different activities, which makes it cumbersome to carry at times also. Stride Rite has solved my needs and just in time for summer they’ve introduced the Made2Play Phibian.

The Phibian is an amazing sneaker-sandal shoe that allows my kids to go from sand to sea with no worries. I don’t have to worry about packing different shoes my little ones or if they get their shoes wet. They can wear the same shoes anywhere from hanging out in the backyard to running through the sprinklers. They’re perfect for the upcoming summer months when we head to Maui. 

Best of all, Stride Rite didn’t compromise the quality of their shoes so I can rest assured the little feet in my family are well protected. The flexible lightweight outsoles grip just like a sneaker and are made with breathable uppers like a sandal. I never have to worry about slip and falls with the non-slip bottom. The shoes provide a generous fit, which my kids loved because their feet weren’t crammed. With the secure bungee closure they felt the shoes were snug and comfortable making it easy for them to run around and be the crazy kids that they are. Apparently the Phibian is THE shoe for climbing anything at school -- be still my heart.  

With all these options to play anywhere, these shoes are bound to get a beating and dirty. Lucky for me, they are easily able to be hosed off or machine washed. The quick dry feature also prevents sogginess and odors. My life is made simpler when my kids’ items are that easy to clean.

The Phibian comes in a great variety of looks that are sure to fit any personalities including a very special Marvel Spiderman edition. I really like that the Phibian matches my children’s style and our needs. It’s the perfect shoe for this summer, but it’s also the perfect shoe for anything we do.


  1. Omgosh how perfect are these!! My son hates that traditonal water shoes so its such a battle when we play in the river by us!! These are such a lifesaver!!

  2. These shoes are awesome!! I love that they are multi-functional and can be worn in the water as well! :)

  3. I love these little shoes. Perfect for water play.

  4. These are really cute and great for Summer. These would be perfect for my grandsons.


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