being MVP: Check Out the Difference in Your Clothes with @Downy #ProtectClothesYouLove @Walmart @SheSpeaksUp

Check Out the Difference in Your Clothes with @Downy #ProtectClothesYouLove @Walmart @SheSpeaksUp

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My weekly routine consists of several loads of laundry. With all the different types of loads from whites, towels, delicates, kids clothes and more I’m constantly buying various detergents and doing multiple loads. With all the different care instructions and methods including washing things inside out on delicate and line drying I still find myself disappointed when clothes come out faded or stretched. Nothing makes me more frustrated with laundry than when I wash a brand new outfit for my kids only to have it looking old and dingy before they even wear it.  I’m so happy I’ve found Downy Fabric Conditioner to help me battle this.

While many brands claim they are gentle on clothes I find that they either are too gentle to get rid of stains or still to harsh and don’t prevent the fading and stretching of clothes. With Downy Fabric Conditioner I can still use the same detergent that I find effective in battling the stains my family brings to me, but rest assured that clothes with not lose their shape, colors will stay true and I don’t have to worry about material pilling. Even better, fabrics are softened so they are even more cozy and comfortable.

Downy Fabric Conditioner lubricates each fiber and strengthens clothing so that when garments are pulled and rubbed together in the wash they remain protected from agitation. I generally wash new clothes or important pieces in the gentlest cycle inside out and in cold water to help protect them. Even with these steps the difference I noticed in using Downy Fabric Conditioner was instantaneous. After washing them with the Conditioner I could feel the softness and clothes seemed not as worn out as previous washes. Best of all, the clothes had a fresh clean smell that seemed to last a long time.

Downy Fabric Conditioner is conveniently available at Walmart where everything is marked in affordably low prices and has become a household standard for my family. I love that I can buy clothes and have my kids looking as sharp as the day I bought it no matter how many times my kids wear it.


  1. Downy is my favorite brand of fabric softener! It makes my clothes smell so good!

  2. Looove it!! I never knew it extended the life of fabrics until just recently!! We will have to start buying it again!!

  3. I have never used any of the liquid Down products, just the dryer sheets, I like that this product strengthens your clothes and protects them.


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