being MVP: Splish Splash with Splushy

Splish Splash with Splushy

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

We recently made a family trip out to Sea World and my son loved it. He loved all the shows and fun animals. It perfectly coincided with the introduction to Neat-Oh!’s Splushy Barker Sea Lion. He loves that he has a sea lion like the one he saw at the theme park. His new Splushy toy is a revolutionary bath toy that I love much more than the squeeze toys I’ve bought him in the past.

Neat-Oh’s Splushy Toys are great water play toys that can go everywhere with my little one from dry to wet. My son was excited that his new stuffed animal can go in the bath with him and was excited to get in the tub. His new sea lion friend is made with Microban anti-microbial filling which is perfect in preventing mildew. Many of my son’s squeeze toys that squirt water I end up throwing away because I can’t clean the inside and I know that they build up all sorts of gross bacteria inside. Worst of all my son will, at times, try to squirt this water into his mouth during bath play time. With the Splushy toys I don’t have to worry about any of this.

The Splushy Sea Lion is adorable with bright fun colors that are very appealing to any child. I was surprised to see him float as soon as he was in the water and not just absorb all the water and sink to the bottom. Best of all, my son loved making his Sea Lion swim underwater, jump up and cuddle with him too. Splushy has made a big fan out of my son and me. I feel great knowing that my son loves his new toy, taking a bath and don’t have to fear any bacterial build up that may make him sick.

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  1. Super fun!! My son would adore this too!! How fun that it can be played with dry or wet!! Love antimicrobial!!

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