being MVP: *NEW* Go-Lite Snap Fit Sprout Travel System Now Available at Babies R US @babytrend

*NEW* Go-Lite Snap Fit Sprout Travel System Now Available at Babies R US @babytrend

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

A good travel system is an essential part of any family’s daily routine. Finding a system that fits your needs and wants is difficult. Luckily Baby Trend has solved that need for me. The Go-Lite Snap Fit Sprout Travel system is amazing and I’m so happy to have it everywhere we go.

When I first received the stroller I thought “ehh another assemble project” and hastily wanted to pass the project on to hubby. After opening it up and seeing how basic everything looked I decided I’ll take a shot at this and quite honestly, it was so easy and quick that I was embarrassed I even hesitated. The parts easily snap into place securely and I was ready to go within 5 minutes.

The first thing I noticed with the stroller in comparison to the others I’ve used is how easy it is to set up for each use. The stroller unfolds very smoothly and effortlessly and feels very light both in carrying and use. It has the capabilities of a full stroller but the ease and comfort of a lightweight. Despite the lightweight feel, I find it to be a sturdy stroller that I feel safe using for my little one.

The Go-Lite Travel system is not only a fantastic stroller, but I love the car seat also. I love the simplicity of it with the superior safety with 5 point safety harness and head impact protection. I love that it features a simple adjustment level on the back to switch between four recline positions. Unlike other car seats, the Go-Lite truly allows my baby to ride in comfort and I get to drive knowing she is safe.

One of the difficulties I find with choosing a good travel system is trying to make sure the car seat and strollers are compatible and usually you end up having to purchase an adapter or additional parts to make the transition smoother. I love that the Go-Lite is an entire system that I don’t have to worry about additional parts and my little one is ready to go from car to stroller. The switching between the car seat carrier and the carriage stroller was so simple that for the first time I didn’t feel like getting my baby ready to go was a chore.

The Go-Lite features a 5-point harness with padding, an easy compact fold, swivel wheels and a cupholder to make life convenient when traveling with your little one. The one touch brake system is so simple to use with my foot that I feel extremely in control when walking the neighborhood. What I love the most is the extra large canopy and storage basket that this stroller provides. I can put everything I need underneath and easily access things without any fuss.

The large canopy gives me comfort knowing that my baby is well shaded and protected from all the natural elements when we are out and about plus it’s a great way for her to take a nap without being disturbed. The best feature, however, is that the canopy has a zipper opening to a large mesh window so I can see my baby while strolling her along. It’s so much fun seeing her as she views the world around her.

Baby Trend is a leader in baby gear and the Go-Lite Travel system is an amazing addition. It packs in safety, comfort and simplicity into an amazing package that is sure to be a hit wherever you are headed with your little one. This stroller truly takes into consideration all of your desires when looking for the perfect travel system without sacrificing the needs. Best of all, like all Baby Trend gear, you know it’s made with quality and style.

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  1. Love this system!! Love that its easy to use and easy to put together!! So important with any baby item!! Plus its super cute!!

  2. My friend Rita received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

  3. Beautiful post and pics. Feeling love for the baby.

  4. The parts easily snap into place securely and I was ready to go within 5 umbrella

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