being MVP: Itzy Ritzy x Babies"R"Us Exclusive Prints Launch + #Giveaway @ItzyRitzy

Itzy Ritzy x Babies"R"Us Exclusive Prints Launch + #Giveaway @ItzyRitzy

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

Like most parents, the care and comfort of my little ones is of utmost importance especially in the products I choose for them. I love it when companies consider a child’s needs and a parent’s desire when designing their products. Itzy Ritzy is my new favorite for just these reasons. Their product lines fit the needs of parents and children while providing the luxurious care we desire.

I love that many stores provide sanitizing wipes for use on shopping carts and other surfaces, but I never feel this is quite clean enough. Thus, like many parents I feel that a shopping cart and high chair cover are an essential part of my kids’ daily gear and quite frankly, a great invention. While there are quite a few brands out there, I was excited when I received the Itzy Ritzy Cover. Upon opening both my husband and I noticed a huge difference in the quality from competing products. The Itzy Ritzy is much more plush and provides a much more cushioning than other covers. When I put my baby in the cart or high chair I felt that she was not only well protected from germs and dirt, but she was cozy and comfortable also. Most importantly with the double safety belts, I knew she was safe.

This shopping cart cover is well designed with it’s added features also. It provides side pockets to store toys and other items needed while shopping or dining with your child. However, what I love most is the side attachment loops for toys so that your little one is entertained. My daughter is notorious for dropping her toys repeatedly on the floor so I love that she plays with her toys and can “drop” them as many times as her little heart desires without me having to pick it up and clean it.

Itzy Ritzy is one of those companies that truly considers all the needs a parent faces by providing a snack pouch and a carrying bag to store the cover in nicely. It makes it so easy to neatly toss in the car and take with me everywhere I go. The versatility of it fitting high chairs, single and double shopping carts makes it even more convenient.

The Itzy Ritzy Infant Car Seat Canopy is also a must buy for any parent. The soft breathable muslin material is lightweight and drapes over car seats perfectly. I love the way I can protect my baby from the sun when needed or let her continue to sleep peacefully underneath no matter where we go. The canopy provides a great barrier to many of nature’s harsh elements and my baby can travel comfortably. I love the soft plush trim that helps provide a weighted bottom to keep the canopy in place. 

Itzy Ritzy products are easy to use, convenient to take and extremely stylish in design. I love the chic designs and fun patterns to choose from. Itzy Ritzy is a great quality product for any parent.

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One winner will Receive the following package:

Two Itzy Ritzy Cozy Happens Muslin Infant Car Seat Canopys (“Floating Feathers” and “Flying Arrows") and an Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover ("Arrowhead Blue") worth a total of $100.00. 

(Open to US)



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