being MVP: Five Places to Use a DIY Electronic Dog Fence

Five Places to Use a DIY Electronic Dog Fence

Being a dog owner brings you some of the most rewarding feelings a person can have; there’s great joy in caring for a furry friend who is loyal and loves you unconditionally. That’s why it’s such a heartbreaking feeling when your dog goes missing. Thousands of dog owners experience that panic each year, and you take all the precautions you can in order to keep your dog safely at home. Fencing is the best protection for your yard, and an electronic dog fence is one type of fence that can be preferable and more effective in certain situations.

Not only can an electronic dog fence keep your dog contained in your yard, it can also be used in other places at home or while traveling. If you’ve never looked into the option, you might be surprised at how useful it can be to have a wireless dog fence as an extra tool for safety. Let’s check out some of the places a DIY dog fence can be used.

Your Yard
Clearly the most common place to put a dog fence is in your backyard around the perimeter, but some of the uses for a DIY electric fence go beyond the obvious. Depending on your dog’s personality, it may be better to have an electronic dog fence. The e-collar warning tone will keep your dog away from your property line, preventing them from digging underneath a standard type fence. If your dog is a cunning escape artist, an electric dog fence can be a game changer. If your dog is aggressive or has a strong prey drive, an electric dog fence paired with a standard fence can add the extra level of protection required.

The type of yard you have may also be more suitable for an electronic dog fence. For example, a wireless or underground dog fence can be used regardless of your yard’s terrain. If the ground is uneven, it does not have to be leveled. If your yard is extremely large, a wired dog fence can contain up to 100 acres, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on standard fence sections. Also, if you have an amazing view that you want to preserve, or if your homeowner’s association or landlord won’t allow a standard fence, a DIY electric fence won’t interfere.

The Campground
One of the best but little known ways to use a wireless dog fence is as a portable containment tool, especially at a campground or RV site. Once your dog is properly trained on the invisible dog fence and e-collar system, you can reliably contain them anywhere you bring your wireless system simply by placing flags to mark the new boundaries. Whether at a friend or relative’s house, a hotel, or a campsite, you can allow your dog to enjoy the outdoors as freely as they would at home in your own backyard. Knowing that your dog won’t get lost in an unfamiliar area and won’t be always leashed or caged can bring a lot of peace of mind while traveling.

A wireless dog fence or electronic barrier system can also be used indoors. There can be dangers in your home that you’d like to keep your dog away from without having to lock them in one room. Thousands of dogs and their owners are injured each year in accidents in the kitchen; for example, when someone doesn’t realize their dog has crept up behind them, and they trip while carrying a pot of boiling water. A DIY electric fence can keep your dog safely away from the kitchen, separated from other animals in the house, away from poisonous plants like lilies, or simply out of whatever area of the home you don’t want them to hang out in.

Your Garden
Dogs who enjoy digging can wreak a lot of havoc in a backyard garden, and sometimes your scrumptious vegetables are at risk of being eaten by the dog before you can harvest them. One great way to use an electric dog fence is to prevent your dog from getting into your garden or flower beds. If you use an invisible dog fence to keep your dog in your backyard, you can also create exclusion zones within that yard with the same system. That way your dog can enjoy your entire yard except for the garden or any other area you choose, such as a chicken coop, shed with poisonous chemicals, pond, or children’s play area.

Believe it or not, an electronic dog fence can also be positioned underwater. If your property borders a lake, for example, and your dog enjoys the water, you can allow them a predetermined amount of swimming room. With special training, your dog will learn their boundaries in the water, and they’ll be kept safe by being limited in the distance they can swim. Even if your dog won’t go in the water, being able to place the electric dog fence perimeter underwater is excellent for special circumstances, such as allowing your dog to walk out onto your dock.

Because a DIY electric dog fence is such a versatile tool, there are also various system manufacturers and models. You’ll have to carefully compare and contrast the options in order to choose the electric dog fence system that’s best for your situation and your dog.

Published in partnership with Dog Fence DIY. If you or anyone you know is studying to become a Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant, check out the Electric Dog Fence DIY Scholarship opportunity that’s available for Fall 2016.


  1. Such great ideas!! I love the campground one the most!! Great way to make sure that your dog stays close even with all the animal and food distractions!

  2. These are pretty cool. I didn't know the electric fence could be so flexible. My husband would love that it would keep my daughter's dogs out of the garden and keep them in the yard at the same time. Great fence!

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