being MVP: DIY Ribbon Roses for Mother's Day Craft

DIY Ribbon Roses for Mother's Day Craft

My mom was always engineering some sort of fun craft for us kids when we were growing up and I loved spending time with her doing those. One of the ones I remember helping her with was Rose bouquets from ribbons. She use to make them for her patients, coworkers, and friends all the time and I was her little helper. Now I enjoy making these and look forward to showing my daughter how to do the same.

  • Ribbon of your liking (the stiffer material works better than soft flimsy style)
  • Thin item like a q-tip for the center and stem base

1.  Begin with one end of the Ribbon and fold over the long end to make a corner point.
2.  Fold again to make another corner point and continue doing so in a square shape
3.  Continue folding and overlapping the same square pattern until you reach the end of the ribbon (there should be a tiny opening in the center)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
4.  Take q-tip and wrap the top end of the ribbon around it once from the bottom and push through the small opening. 
5.  Twist and turn the flower until tightened to your desire.                                                                                                

6.  Twist the petals so they are staggered.
7.  Wrap the ends around the base of the q-tip so entire stem is covered.

Perfect to make with any of your favorite colors and gift to your mother this holiday!


  1. Oh my!! These are gorgeous!! We were trying to find black roses for my mom!! She loves all things red and black ;) But couldn't find any!! Thsi would've worked perfect!!

  2. I love the blue and red together! Your Roses turned out very pretty and they will last forever. I need to make this for my Mom!!

  3. That is such a sweet and thoughtful idea! It turned out beautiful!

  4. My mom loves blue and the roses are a great idea that ship in the mail well--better than live roses too!


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