being MVP: Creative Summer Fun at Galileo Camp + Major Savings! #galileocamps #spendsummerbold #ad

Creative Summer Fun at Galileo Camp + Major Savings! #galileocamps #spendsummerbold #ad

*My friend Rita's opinions.

My son, like most kids, is very inquisitive and I love seeing him process all the information around him every day. He enjoys learning about different parts to things he sees and how they function and of course the infamous “why?”  As a proud momma I equally enjoy coming up with new material to share with him and challenge his mind. This is why I am a huge advocate of Galileo Camps!

Galileo Camps is more than your average summer camp. Galileo encourages innovation and critical thinking in age appropriate activities. The majors offered at Galileo are unique, fun and useful compared to other camps where kids aren’t engaged and challenged enough. Galileo focuses on STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), which I find critical and entertaining for young minds.

Kids between 5th and 8th grade are able to choose a major they love or explore a new subject under the mentorship of expert instructors using professional tools and materials. Kids are able to make short films, cook inventive dishes or even design video games. There is a plethora of activities for kids to participate in and realize their own imagination. I love the large selection of subjects that are sure to engage any of today’s generation such as 3-D modeling and printing, Digital Design For the Web, Fashion Design, Electric Painting Studio, Mod Design with Minecraft and much more. Even as a grown adult these topics sound exciting and I love how much kids are encouraged to apply their concepts and theories without the fear of failing.

For younger campers, Galileo encourages similar thinking skills by engaging them in fun activities based on several themes such as Space Exploration, National Parks Adventure, The Art and Science of Toys and Games, Ancient Greek Art and the Science of Sports. Grouped by grade, the staff takes campers on art, science and outdoor activities customized to their level. Young minds learn innovation skills like collaboration and reflection. The curriculum evolves to include more advanced concepts, complex projects and creative freedom as they grow older.

Galileo focuses on crucial subjects with lessons that will help children throughout life. Unlike any other places, kids are not afraid to fail and truly can learn from their mistakes. I’m not always going to be around to help my kids with the challenges they face in school and in their careers, but knowing that my kids will be able to problem solve on their own is a fundamental skill that I want ingrained in my children’s mind.

Inspired by Galileo’s focus on creative science applications I decided to engage my son in a fun activity he would surely enjoy and get him thinking. I tailored a mystery paint project to a level where my son could enjoy and begin understanding key criteria in experimentation and becoming an innovator. I asked him why the paint works the way it does and at his young age the ideas were quite far fetched, but it was fun to hear. Then I explained how things work.  Below are the steps to creating your own mystery paint activity which you can tailor to your kids learning experience.  

Mystery Paint Project

Baking soda
Cotton swabs
White paper

  • Mix 4 tbs. of baking soda with 4 tbs. of water in a bowl.
  • Dip the cotton swab into the mixture and paint an “invisible” picture onto the white sheet. (I did this step for my son because I thought it’d be more fun at his age for him to find the secret picture). Allow this to completely dry.
  • Use the watercolors to paint over the entire paper to reveal his secret painting.

For those of you looking for a creative summertime activity for your children look into Galileo Camp.  By signing up now, you can lock into major Galileo savings! Galileo is offering an exclusive discount of $40 off a week of Galileo Camp by using the code BEBOLD.

What’s more is that this promotion is combinable with the Refer-a-Friend savings where you can save an additional $100. The Refer-a-Friend savings applies to not only you, but your friends too! The more friends you bring and the more weeks they attend, the more they’ll save. (Savings varies by location.)  Become a fan of Galileo like me and inspire your kids to a new level of learning.


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