being MVP: How to Get Paid for Watching Ads #WynZynSweeps #WynZyn #ad

How to Get Paid for Watching Ads #WynZynSweeps #WynZyn #ad

I routinely surf the net and like everyone else in this world, I’m always online for one thing or another.  I always thought, if only I could make an earning by being on the internet… Finally, I actually might be able to reap some rewards. WynZyn is new patent pending app where I can be entered into weekly CASH sweepstakes for simply watching a daily video advertisement. 

WynZyn allows users to log in from their desktop or even more conveniently, from the mobile app. This is easier than playing the lotto! My cell phone is my go to device for convenience wherever I am and so easy for me to use when I have my hands full with the kids. WynZyn’s mobile app is perfect for me and watching a video advertisement is actually kind of fun. I simply fill out the initial survey so it knows my interests and can target ads that I would enjoy. Generally, when commercials interrupt my app I press skip, but with the custom tailoring that WynZyn provides, I am interested in the video and don’t have any interest in skipping past them. Additionally, it is not interrupting the things I’m doing on my phone to run an ad, I’m choosing when I want to watch. 

I love that this simple concept benefits both advertisers and the general public by targeting individuals who are interested in their products as well on the user’s time. I’m much happier watching a video when it’s when I want and not getting in the way of my activities. For the first time, we are able to actively participate in the advertising process by watching ads that are relevant to us. Best of all, it’s a great way to possibly earn some money. WynZyn doesn’t share my information out to advertisements, but acts as a broker and simply provides advertisers access to me based on my agreement. WynZyn has developed an innovative system to make advertising fair to consumers by being paid to be advertised to. 

Simply download the WynZyn app for free from the app store onto your phone using the unique referral code: 4353 and start watching and earning today!

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