being MVP: The Original Squeeze + #Giveaway @OrigSqueezeCo

The Original Squeeze + #Giveaway @OrigSqueezeCo

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

My little ones have both given me the most difficulty when it comes to eating in their own different way. My son has always been very picky about the things he consumes unless of course it was all mashed up into a pouch. Needless to say, we invested a lot into those food pouches that he could just suck right up. My daughter, being only seven months, has given a hard time about the method of feeding. She hated the bottle and even the spoon-feeding of solids has been a challenge. I am so happy to have found The Original Squeeze Company!

The Original Squeeze Company has brilliantly designed a reusable squeeze pouch that is perfect for beginning eaters as well as the more advanced (my son loved his pouches even after he turned 2). My daughter, who struggled with so many devices, seems to have taken well to the pouch, much like her brother. It’s so easy for her to grab and use and the nipple spout is different from traditional bottles so she seems to take to it much better. Lucky for me it’s also a spill-proof spout so I don’t have to worry about the mess she will make when left in her own hands.

I love that I can continue to make homemade, fresh organic food on my own and still enjoy the ease and convenience of feeding my little one with a pouch. It’s a perfect aid in giving my kid a healthier lifestyle during the most crucial years. With their convenient funnel I can fill my pouches with ease, almost no wastage and no spills.

The Original Squeeze is eco-friendly and toxin free; all the materials are BPA, Phtlate and PVC free and made with 100% silicone. It’s dishwasher friendly and the four easy to assemble parts are non-stick so cleaning them is a breeze. It’s also freezer-safe so I feel comfortable filling it up and saving it until we are on the go, making my life that much more convenient.

I love the different sizes and styles that they come in, making it great for various ages and occasions. I love having a variety of 2 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz pouches so I can use for snacks or meals and it can grow with my baby’s growing appetite. I love that they offer the Sport Squeeze at an 8 oz size to fill with smoothies for the outdoor activities kids play in a wonderful sporty design with a carabiner for easy attachments. The 6 months plus spout is perfect for beginners on The Original Squeeze. The Original Squeeze with Eeeze is great for toddlers over 2 with a free-flowing spout. Kids can even design their own with custom colored bodies with their favorite colors and looks!

Their affordable pricing makes it much more cost effective than any ready-made pouches and definitely much healthier. My husband and I are huge fans of The Original Squeeze and only wish we had discovered it sooner.  

One winner will Receive a 4 oz. Squeeze + Funnel!

(Open to US)

Original Squeeze


  1. I love that they are BPA, Phtlate, PVC free and dishwasheable!! So awesome!! Makes them safe and reuseable!! 2 things I adore in kids products!

  2. I like it that the kids can use it them selfs and its BPA free

  3. I love the no drip top and easy to clean.

  4. I love that you can know exactly what they are eating. I would put sweet potato and some fruits in there.

  5. I like that it has different options for different ages and is affordable. I think I'd try strawberries!

  6. I like that you can put it in the dishwasher.
    Pureed pears.

  7. My little niece would love this dishwasher safe. thankyou, ken

  8. I love how easy the Original Squeeze is to clean! I would put my homemade apple sauce in it! :)

  9. I like that there is no mess. We would put juices and other food in them.

  10. I like that they are BPA-free. I'd like to puree fruits for it!
    Lisa L tylerpants(at)

  11. Love that it's easy to clean. I would put applesauce first I think!


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