being MVP: "Talk. Read. Sing. It Changes Everything" #talkreadsing #first5california #first5CA #ad

"Talk. Read. Sing. It Changes Everything" #talkreadsing #first5california #first5CA #ad

Growing up my mom spent a lot of time with me and making sure I was always entertained. She had some of the most creative ways of playing and making things including making up stories at bedtime. With all the fun times I shared with my mom, my fondest memories consisted of my mom taking me to the library after school. I remember picking out so many books and checking out books on tape all the time.

With my own two little ones I'm reminded how much I cherished those memories and how significant if an impact it had on my education. Growing up I was an avid reader who loved to complete school suggested reading lists and I attribute that to my mom. She helped foster a learning environment where I could flourish and I hope to do the same with my kids. I love reading to both my kids and encourage them to pick new books all the time. Story time at our house is a big deal and the kids love it as much as I did. I attribute my kids' vast vocabulary and speech to this emphasis on talking and reading in our house.

While my mother was extremely creative in her interactions, many times I struggle with ideas and for that I'm happy to have discovered First 5 California. is a great resource for information, support and activities for newborns, babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

I love all the information it provides and ideas it gives me on developing great learning skills. It's a great source of education for parents and children. The site has an Activity Center with fun things that parents can do with their kids to help stimulate the mind.

While we all want the best for our kids and know that the steps we take with our kids now will set a foundation of good learning behavior, we don't always know how. First 5 California is the perfect aid. Be sure to check them out and learn all the ways you can stimulate your kids. Also check out other stories and the impacts that have led people to where they are and share your story. It's a great site and is bookmarked as one of my favorites to download fun videos for the kids.


  1. OH I will have to check them out!! I find myself having lots of trouble finding things to keep ourselves busy, interacting and learning!! Hopefully this will help pull us out of that rut!

  2. This sounds great for our family--I often get in a rut with finding things for my son to do!

  3. I'll check them out. I like that they have info for parents of newborns as well!

  4. What an awesome resource! Our two year old flabbergasts us every day with her immense vocabulary. It's amazing how she picks up words, sayings, and even tones and accents. They are such sponges at this age and I just want to make sure I'm helping her soak up the good stuff. :)


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