being MVP: Spring Cleaning Survival Guide #SpringClean16 #Walmart #ad @VIVATowels

Spring Cleaning Survival Guide #SpringClean16 #Walmart #ad @VIVATowels

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood.

As we spring forward an hour this season, I realize it’s that time of the year to begin our Spring cleaning with a trip to Walmart. I love the once a year deep cleaning I do on the house and bringing out the freshness this time of the year. Each year I go through a series of cleaning products and I’m reminded how much I value certain paper products over others for various reasons.

For cleaning the house I have become a huge fan of Viva® Big Roll Paper Towels, both their Vantage and regular lines. Viva Vantage has a terrycloth texture that I find extremely useful for all our stainless steel appliances. The strength and texture of Viva Vantage is superb and I’m able to scrub off almost any type of grime on counter-tops and furniture quickly with ease. It’s a great product to handle all the tough jobs. 

The regular Viva Towels are very soft and feel like an undershirt material. I find these perfect for cleaning delicate items. As soft as they are to touch, I’m amazed by their strength to withstand multiple rinses and reuse. I use the Viva Towels on my dining table, which I’m very protective over and find that it doesn’t leave any scratching and perfectly cleans the table with no damage. 

Cleaning the home isn’t the only thing that is a priority in our home. With all the germs and illnesses that float around amongst the kids and us, our choice in paper products for ourselves is also a priority. Scott® 1000 Bathroom Tissue is our preferred choice. It gives the quality of 1000 sheets in durability and long lasting so I don’t find myself having to constantly replenish. I love the feel of them and have been much more pleased with their brand over any other.

Our home isn’t complete until we take care of the kids and for them I’m a huge fan of Cottonelle®. Cottonelle Clean Care and Ultra Comfort Care are soft and perfect for my little ones’ bum. With my son in the midst of potty training, Cottonelle has the CleanRipple Texture designed to clean much better than competitors. My son is quite happy and while we’ve tried other brands, he truly prefers Cottonelle. He’s come to recognize the brand differences and prefers the gentleness of Cottonelle. I personally like how strong and soft their products are making me very comfortable using them on my little ones for effective cleaning and care.

Knowing that these products are the leaders in our home I rest assured that our home and all its’ members are cleaned with quality. I love the durability and the gentleness that these products provide for the entire home.

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  1. We love Viva too!! Great price and great performance!!

  2. I love these products, too. And I love to stock up on good paper towels in the spring because they are my favorite thing to use on just about everything. Also, so many brands don't hold up at all and are a total waste, they may be a little cheaper, but do not do the job!!

  3. I'm in the middle of a deep clean too, must just be something about spring that inspires spring cleaning!

  4. I really need to get started on some spring cleaning--my house could really use it!

  5. We're huge Viva towel fans here at our house. We know they are more expensive, but they often have coupons or deals like at WalMart. We have decided the Vivas are our splurge item- which says a lot about just how much we love them.


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