being MVP: Open your Hearts and Homes to America's Youth @aspiranet

Open your Hearts and Homes to America's Youth @aspiranet

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In raising my two children, I find it essential that my little ones have a strong, stable and loving home. I feel it is a crucial element in having them grow up to be secure and independent individuals. In our family independence isn’t something that is achieved merely by turning 18. At 18, independence is guided with support and care for them to make their own adult choices with love from their family. Aspiranet recognizes this need for young adults who still have a lot of learning and growing left and helps provide it those individuals who don’t have such support.

About 5000 18-21 year olds in California transition from foster care to independent living and the statistics for these individuals is sad; about 65% leave foster care with nowhere to live and less than 60% graduate high school and less than 5% will attend college.

To imagine my children out on the streets on their own with no real shelter or ability to achieve their aspirations in college is disheartening. Both my husband and I were fortunately raised with support throughout our college careers and it enabled us to be successful adults who are able to raise a family of our own. I look forward to helping my children open bank accounts, write a check, and move to their college apartments and feel that more young adults should have the same support.

Ashley Furniture, the largest manufacturer of furniture in the world, has partnered with Aspiranet to help transitional aged youth during such a critical time. Aspiranet is a nonprofit organization that focuses on Foster Care, Adoption, Behavioral Health and much more. Aspiranet’s Transitional Housing Placement Plus Foster Care Program offers transitional age youth throughout the California the option to live in a multi-family housing unit or a single site. 

In addition to housing, the program also provides support for basic needs, emotional support, jobs and education. Ashley Furniture will donate six furniture sets to former foster youth. Furniture items include bed sets, chests, sofas and coffee tables. The donation provides enriched opportunities and helps create a warm, safe and well-equipped space for them to begin their adult life. 

Our responsibility as parents doesn’t always end with a mere changing of an age. Young adults need support and care just as much to purse their dreams. With the help of Aspiranet and Ashley Furniture young adults can have the basic needs and the emotional support needed for young adults to focus and successfully achieve their goals.


  1. Wow!! Those statistics are so super sad!! Im glad to see businesses like Ashley taking steps in helping and blessings these former foster kids with furniture!!

  2. It is a shame that a number forces children out of the only home they may have known. This program is truly a wonderful thing for those kids.

  3. What a great program. It's a challenging time, moving out into the world of adulthood. It's wonderful to know that those who may need additional support have options.

  4. What a great program to help with. This would be great for the kids.

  5. I had no idea Ashley furniture did that! That's awesome.


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