being MVP: It's That Time of Year Again...Cold & Flu Season | Get a Free Doctor Visit Today #FeelBetterFaster

It's That Time of Year Again...Cold & Flu Season | Get a Free Doctor Visit Today #FeelBetterFaster

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It’s that time of the year when we are all getting sick.  Unfortunately, between work and the kids I don’t have time to always make it to the doctor’s office. Not to mention the wait times in the offices where my kids and I are exposed to more illnesses. And of course, this is only if I get a time slot for an appointment with my doctor’s busy schedule. Doctors on Demand (DOD) has made life simpler and healthier by making doctors available at my own home.

DOD connects patients with board certified doctors for assistance. DOD provides health care assistance anytime of the day any day of the year. No more having to wait until my doctor is available to see me or work out a perfect time in my schedule and taking time off from work. With DOD I can see a doctor anytime using my iPhone or iPad; I have a doctor available anywhere I go. I can ask questions and get information on many symptoms and even get a prescription.

My son caught a cold and while I wasn’t too concerned at first, when the fever came on and the baby started having a runny nose, I became a little worried. Unfortunately, the wait time for an appointment with our pediatrician was too long. Even the sick hours that our doctor’s office keeps didn’t fit well with our schedule. Thanks to DOD I was able to sign in and get answers right away. I simply went to the app store and downloaded the free DOD app and I was ready to begin. I love how easy it was to create a profile and get started.

After logging in I had four DOD categories to select from: Medical, Psychology, Pediatrics, and Pregnancy & Newborns. I love that DOD has separate categories to address the needs of children and new moms, which makes me feel more confident in the doctors’ specialized knowledge on my needs. For those new moms that need help with breastfeeding, DOD has an option to see a lactation consultant. After entering the Pediatrics section, I provided some basic information for my son and his symptoms just as I would at our pediatrician’s office. Then I was able to either search manually for a pharmacy near me or allow the app to find a pharmacy based on my location. After that I was connected with a doctor and able to get the answers I needed.  

I love how simple the app is to use making it even more convenient. The doctor views the patient discusses and assess the situation and then can prescribe what they feel is appropriate. The costs are comparable to in-office visits, but even more convenient and not needing any appointments. I don’t even have to get dressed to go anywhere.

DOD allows me to rest easier not having to wait for quality medical attention. DOD’s guarantee of using board certified doctors gives me the confidence I need in the doctors that are advising and treating my family and I.

For all new users Amwell offers a free first visit by using the code: BEINGMVP 


  1. This is so amazing! As a sahm its such a hassle to pack my kiddo up and take him with me to a drs appt!! This would make life so much easier and would be so perfect in situations where you're not 100% sure it requires an office visit!!

  2. I swear, I love technology! This is such an awesome use of an app. I love that it's easy to sign up and the coupon code making the visit free makes it silly not to try this out! Thanks!

  3. This is great! There are definitely times where this would be useful.

  4. This is so great! Bonus, you don't have to wait in the waiting room forever!

  5. Wow it amazes me how far technology has come. People talk about how technology is ruining the kids and making us lazy but apps like this shows technology is helping us. It's making a difference and even better this app is free.

  6. This is an awesome app! It would definitely be very helpful to be able to talk to a real person when my babies are sick!


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