being MVP: Buy and Sell Your Gift Cards with Cardpool + TEN $50 Cardpool E-Gifts #Giveaway #Crdpool15

Buy and Sell Your Gift Cards with Cardpool + TEN $50 Cardpool E-Gifts #Giveaway #Crdpool15

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I love finding deals on almost everything I buy and the better the deal the better I feel. Unfortunately, I can’t always find a deal with all the places I like to shop and eat especially this time of the year when I am in search for perfect gifts. Cardpool has come to my rescue, making gift giving and receiving a much better experience.

Cardpool allows customers to buy discounted gift cards for up to 35% off from some of my favorite stores. Cardpool connects gift cardholders around the world to create a gift card exchange where customers can buy or sell gift cards in one market. It’s a great way for me to save at any store. I simply buys a card before I go shopping at the discounted rate and use it when I purchase my gifts. Best of all, gift cards can be combined with holiday sale prices and coupons to earn even more savings. They have a large selection of stores and restaurants so I can enjoy a great savings on eating and shopping.

Cardpool has a unique system that also gives me a chance to sell gift cards that I have for cash. I’ve received a lot of gift cards over the years and many times I just have a stack of unused cards because I have no need from the particular store. Now, I don’t have to hold on to gift cards until I find a need or feel pressured to buy something I don’t need. I can simply go to, click on “sell gift cards” and get cash whenever I want. However, for me being a huge Amazon shopper, I am able to trade exchange my cards for an Amazon gift card and earn an additional 6%.  

Cardpool is fast, convenient and simple. I simply go to and either click on “buy gift cards” and start searching for my favorite places to purchase or click on “sell gift cards” and start emptying unused cards that I have. Cardpool is a fantastic way for me to save and not waste. First times need to note that it can take up to 24 hours to ship and Cardpool may contact you for verification, but this made me feel safer about my transactions. 

While I do love a great coffee gift card, I decided to go with the Toys R Us gift card for my kids. It's a store we frequent quite often and any sort of savings we can get is appreciated. I received the verification call the evening of my order and the gift card arrived in my email inbox the next day. I just clicked open and was able to print with no issues. It'll be tucked away in Mason's stocking for Christmas morning!

Knowing that all customers are vetted in this manner made me fell more protected in my dealings. Cardpool is the best way I know to save on all my holiday shopping and shopping throughout the year. I’m a huge fan and have shared this with all my smart shopping friends and family and it’s already a big hit with them too.

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