being MVP: Fun Interactive Toys Just in Time for the Holidays from @Leapfrog

Fun Interactive Toys Just in Time for the Holidays from @Leapfrog

Disclosure: I am a LeapFrog mom. All opinions are my own.

I love buying learning toys for children and enjoy new products that enhance my children’s learning experience. Leap Frog is a leader in innovative educational toys that grasp my children’s attention and keep them entertained while learning. 

The Leap Frog Epic is one of my recent discoveries that both my kids and I love. It’s an Android based tablet that is customizable that grows with your kid. The Epic home screen is designed so that kids can create their own custom tablet. Kids can animate the designs with moving cars, floating balloons and much more. They can repeatedly redesign the look and let their creativity run wild. My kids have a great time creating a fun look and changing it up over and over again.

I love that it features real time weather and a clock with daily surprises to learn from and look forward to. The games grow with them so that it can help their critical thinking skills while building confidence. The games, like most Leap Frog products are educator-approved. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about in-app purchases or harmful ads. Even better is that it comes with parent controls to unlock more apps. I have the ability to unlock web exploring in a safe and age appropriate manner. The 7 inch screen is clear and perfectly sized for my kids’ enjoyment.

The Leap Frog Number Lovin’ Oven is a fun imagination play toy that is great for learning. It features over 30 phrases and songs with emphasis on counting, sharing and fraction skills. It comes with 16 pieces and is a great way to teach fractions. My kids are able to “cook” food and share with us by dividing everything into different parts.

I love the creative way I can introduce fractions at such an early age. As with most toys, my kids love the slider and blinking lights that allow them to explore numbers and temperature and time controls. I always try to teach my kids math with counting, but I never thought about fractions until I discovered this Oven. It’s such a creative and simple idea that is a hit. I love giving them the basis of such an advanced topic at an early age.

The Leap Frog Scouts Build and Discover Tool Set is a great toy for your little builder who wants to use tools. My friend's son loves building things and when he got this set, he couldn’t wait to open it up and get to “work.” The tool set includes a hammer, ruler, saw, screwdriver and wrench. I was surprised to learn that her son knew every single tool as he played with them and even told her this is a screwdriver just like daddy’s. The Tool Set teaches kids to match colors and find the right tool for each job. The Tool Box doubles as a dog house that can be taken apart and put back together repeatedly using the correct tools. Her son loves working on his new project and she loves how much he’s learning.

Leap Frog products are amazing and thoughtful. I find them great for both kids and parents. They help foster kids’ creativity and development while giving parents the confidence in knowing they have a safe product. 


  1. I have a niece and nephew who would really enjoy getting these for Christmas.

  2. These leapfrog items would be great to get for the Holidays for my friends son and nephew. I like how much things can be learned with these toys!

  3. I love Leapfrog! They make the best interactive educational toys! My oldest daughter has had her Leapfrog Explorer GS for almost 4 YEARS now (she got it when she was only 3) and it is still going strong! I would love to get these toys for my youngest two, they would love them!

  4. These look like great toys. I love buying learning toys for the grand kids,.

  5. (Fun Interactive Toys Just in Time for the Holidays from @Leapfrog) I think they have some of the best toys for children. I have been buying their toys for years now-

  6. Love the idea behind the Number Lovin’ Oven!

  7. Thanks for your reviews! We love Leapfrog! We have the My Pal Scout and it's amazing how much my son has learned from him! Will definitely be checking out the products from your post for Christmas gifts.

  8. This is an awesome review and I can surely say that I am hoping to be able to put a few of these under the tree for my grandchildren..
    happy to connect

  9. these kinds of toys are so nice to give for Christmas and birthdays. leapfrog is a great company with so many educational toys


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