being MVP: Get a $5 Starbucks Gift Card Now | TING Saves you a Ton of Money on your Cellphone Bill #savings #mobile #cellphone @tingftw

Get a $5 Starbucks Gift Card Now | TING Saves you a Ton of Money on your Cellphone Bill #savings #mobile #cellphone @tingftw

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Do you get shocked every time you open your cell phone bill each month and see that you have gone over your plan and therefore end up with a huge bill of overages? If you are tired of paying for those hidden penalties and/or being locked into a long-term contract you need to check out TING. 

TING is a new cellphone service where you just pay for what you actually use each month with an average bill of just $23 per device! Are you intrigued? If you are a current AT&T customer like me, you can easily check to see if  your device is compatible with Ting and receive a $5 Starbucks gift card* - just for checking! Head on over now to check because this offer is valid only until October 22, 2015.

*You will receive an email after the promotion ends on October 22 with a link and custom code which allows you to print off your gift card or apply the $5 gift to an existing Starbucks card. Limit one $5 Starbucks gift card per email address and per active AT&T device checked.

Don't fret if you have a Tmobile or Sprint phone because you can check compatibility as well. If you don't have a qualifying phone, you can purchase one from Ting. What's great is that there are no hidden fees, penalties or contracts. It's transparent and simple - just use what you need and pay for what you use. If you end up using less one month you will pay less. Easy peasy.

Ting is fantastic for those who currently have family plans because they offer pooled usage for unlimited devices under one account. It's just $6 per active phone plus the cost of usage which means extra savings for you at the end of the month. Nowadays, it seems to be a necessity to have a phone even for young children for safety reasons. No need to stress about high cellphone bills with the Ting service.

You can play around to see what your potential savings could be right on the Ting site. Check it out and don't forget to get your $5 Starbucks gift card today!


  1. $23 a month would be a lot nicer than the $55 I'm currently paying!

  2. Looks like a great program! I'm not an AT&T customer, but my parents are and they pay far too much for what little they use their phone. I'll let my mom know about this !


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