being MVP: Ruby's Studio Review @TheMotherCo

Ruby's Studio Review @TheMotherCo

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the following for review. All opinions are her own.

Talking to children about serious topics can always be a little challenging. Making certain that they grasp the message you are conveying on a level that they can comprehend is a difficult task especially when you don’t always have their attention. The Mother Company has introduced a series of books and learning tools in Ruby’s Studio to help both parents and children learn important life topics in a creative and engaging manner.

Ruby’s Studio features books, videos and more to help children understand important topics on their feelings, safety and friendship. Ruby’s Studio features Award winning books that help children correctly communicate their needs in given situations. It’s a great way to explain to children how to act when confronted with difficult situations and also for them to understand their own feelings. The Safety series features 3 books and a video on various topics. Each book features a character that kids can identify with and several lessons or tips for children to learn.

When Lyla Got Lost (and found) is a cute story about a 6 year old girl who innocently gets lost while shopping with her mom and eventually, using the recommended tips, is found. At the end of the story Lyla’s tips are highlighted for children to use if they ever get lost. It’s a great way to help children learn what to do and parents to reinforce important lessons on being able to find their way safely.

I always worry about my child being taken or lost and as much as I keep my eye on them, I love that this book highlights the things my children can do if they do get lost. My son quickly attached himself to the character and understood the story. He repeatedly asked for me to read the Lyla story and knew what happens. It makes me feel better knowing that my children know what to do and if they do get lost they will make their way back to me. 

Miles Is The Boss Of His Body a story about a cute boy who goes through a series of people pinching his cheeks, tickling him and patting his head. Feeling frustrated and upset Miles contemplates his emotions and desires and comes to a resolution with his family. It’s a great story that shows children they are entitled to feel the way they do and should never be forced to do something that makes them uncomfortable. 

I especially love that Miles reasons out his feelings and the feelings of others before he speaks up. I think many children are easily confused in these situations on how to properly act and by showing that in the main character is a great way for children to relate to the situation. I love that this story shows kids how to speak up when needed no matter how trivial the situation may seem; there is no reason for them to be uncomfortable.

A Little Book About Safety features a cute hippo who goes to the pool and encounters a number of uncomfortable and unsafe situations including stranger encounter. Throughout the book safety tips are included for kids to learn what they should do in given situations. I love that this story addresses such serious topics of strangers, fears in a very cute approachable manner. It’s a great way to open discussion with your children about topics that may seem a little awkward or challenging with children. 

The Safety Show is a video that supports the same messages encompassed in all the books. It features music, songs and animation to engage children in learning how to stay safe in any situation. The videos are fun and enthusiastic so children enjoy watching them repeatedly. I love that the videos reinforce the books and children are truly enjoying the videos while learning.

The Safety series by Ruby’s Studio has been a great way to educate my kids on important situations. It addresses many concerns I have as a parent and enables me to teach my children valuable tools in helping them if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. I feel much better knowing that should my children ever encounter uncomfortable issues, they will have the confidence to speak up and know what things they can do to help themselves. Ruby’s Studio has used important topics to creatively engage children and also aid parents in opening up a discussion on these topics. The products are a great asset to such a vital part of parenthood in teaching our children to be confident and comfortable in communicating their emotions. I love the simplicity in these basic stories and lessons making it easy for children to relate and understand. I find the topics they’ve chosen to address are perfect and at the heart of every parent’s concern, which earns itself a top spot on my list of ideal gifts as well. 

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  1. I love this... it's so important to teach kids about overall safety. Where maybe they're not always willing to listen to their parents, learning about it in a story can help teach them or reiterate what mom or dad say


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