being MVP: Motivation to Get Back into the Gym @prismsport #liveinprism

Motivation to Get Back into the Gym @prismsport #liveinprism

Disclosure: I received the following for review. All opinions are my own.

I've been struggling with the last 10 pounds from having Mason. I get down 5 lbs and then it comes right back once I've had a slice of chocolate cake. I just can't resist eating delicious food so when my gym membership renewal bill came, it was time to lug myself back to the grind. However, with the arrival of my amazing apparel from PrismSport, my butt was motivated to look cute at the gym.

The Loose Tank is a must have for anyone. It cleverly smooths down any bumps you may have while keeping you cool and comfortable during your workout. It is super light weight and makes you look slim and ready for a calorie burning class. The longer length works beautifully with both shorts and capris. It comes in a variety of solid colors so you can mix and match for everyday you hit the gym.

Underneath your awesome tank, just slip on a supportive Sports Bra which has slim straps and removable bra pads. Since I'm small on top, I love the addition of the bra pads to give me a bit of a boost plus it's a necessity when in the air-conditioned gym. I was surprised that my back fat was minimized in wearing this sports bra. No spillage or pinching visible or felt. While I was hesitant about the vibrant patterns and colors upon first glance, it kind of grew on me as the pattern peeked out from underneath the loose tank. It's a bit of fun and flare while in a sea of plain colors.

I am particular about my workout bottoms but PrismSport did not disappoint with their short and classic capri styles. These feel like second skin and are beyond comfortable. The seamless design and reinforced waistband mean no awkward bulges. The fun patterned designs really pop against the sea of mundane colors at the gym and I was motivated to sweat.

What's most important in getting back into the gym and moving is to feel comfortable and PrismSport definitely hits the bulls-eye. There are so many different designs to select from as well as a range of sizes so you can definitely find the perfect fit for you. I am crushing on the Butterflies print for Fall ;)

What are your workout goals? Do you have difficulty in finding comfortable and flattering gym clothes that keep you cool?


  1. I love the idea of the loose tank! Cute workout clothes brand

  2. I love these shoes. I would like a pair of these.

  3. This company has some great workout clothes. I have a hard time finding workout clothes in the town where I live so it is nice to have another resource where to do my shopping online.

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