being MVP: Itsy Bitsy Chalky Spider Craft for Kids | Fun Crafts with Mom

Itsy Bitsy Chalky Spider Craft for Kids | Fun Crafts with Mom

I can't believe that Halloween is just a month away. My kids are definitely excited about dressing up to go trick-or-treating and it'll be fun to hand out candy as well. So for this week's craft I thought it would be fun to do something related to one of their favorite books (and Mason's song of the moment) and whip up a Itsy Bitsy Chalky Spider Craft.



1.  Paint your plate with the chalkboard paint and dab to create a textured effect. Let dry overnight.
2.  Brush the glue over the top of the clothespins (8) and dip into the glitter to coat. Allow to dry and then brush again with the glue to seal. Glitter gets everywhere and this minimizes the amount that ends up falling off.
3.  Place a Glue Dot on the back of the googly eyes and arrange onto the plate however you'd like to create a spooky effect. You can even take chalk and draw some eyes if you'd like or even write "boo".
4.  Punch a hole through the top of the paper plate and string a piece of yarn through. You can knot at the back and allow to hang.

5.  Take each of the clothespins and clip onto the sides of the paper plate to form spider legs.
6.  Create a loop at the top to hang on your tree or front door or just let your child enjoy playing with their Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Are your kids excited about Halloween?

Check out the Paper Plate Spiders from Momspotted this week and hope you enjoy!


  1. What a cute (inexpensive!) idea to keep 'em busy. My niece would love this when she comes over.

  2. This is super cute & I think I could actually do it, lol! My youngest nephew would love it!

  3. This is such a cute and fun Halloween project to do with the littles, thank you for the share!!

  4. oooh this is a cute craft for my kids!!

  5. What a cute Halloween craft, love all the squiggly eyes!

  6. We like anything that has glitter! This would be fun to make for grandparents

  7. Super cute!! I hate spiders but I love glitter lol!! The glitter legs saved him ;)

  8. This is cute and I know my children would have fun making them!


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