being MVP: Ganizer Portable Storage Launch on QVC Tomorrow! September 13, 2015 at 6pm EST

Ganizer Portable Storage Launch on QVC Tomorrow! September 13, 2015 at 6pm EST

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Ganizer. All opinions are my own.

As a growing family, we have a lot of stuff! We live in a decent sized home, but for some reason I find myself having to manage our space. I’m constantly trying to keep things organized, tidy, and compact. I’ve been to the container store a dozen times trying out various products to help keep our home in order for our busy lives. As helpful as other products have been, my new love is the Ganizer Portable Storage!

The Ganizer is a vertical storage unit that you can hang anywhere in your home from the pantry to the garage. While there are many products that look similar, the Ganizer allows you to easily take your things with you!

The Ganizer consists of individual soft collapsible bags that can hang on the base unit. The base unit attaches to a universal hanging system that allows it to be hung almost anywhere in your home including walls, doors or a closet rod. This makes it ideal to use anywhere in your home. The bags easily unhook from the base unit for you to take with you and the durable material allows traveling with your belongings safe and convenient.

The bags are available in 6 different sizes ranging from small to extra large and also feature a small combo and large combo selection that provides a mixed selection of small, medium and large bags. You will be able to purchase the large and extra large sizes on QVC tomorrow

**The extra large organizers would be great for our garage. I would be able to store many items in the bags and then mount and hang on the walls. It's the perfect way to conceal our mess, but also organize it so we can easily find it when we need. We could easily grab our camping, picnic, beach or party supplies whenever we need and go. 

The Ganizer I received was perfect for using in Kenzie's closet to organize her new, larger size clothing. 

I have an obsession with my kids' clothes. Sure I get some to review which is nice but then when I see the brands I love going on sale, I stock up even more in larger sizes! Who can resist a good sale? It's also nice to have on hand for last minute birthday parties too of friends who wear the same size. So recently, I was cramming everything into the dresser with more stuff still in shipping boxes. I was able to neatly arrange the clothing by size and place into the bags. I love how durable these are and how much fit! 

It was quick and easy to secure the base unit to the closet rod and after taking a look, I even looped it around again to shorten the length. The bags are easily placed onto the clips for quick grab and go or fill. I love how clean and organized it looks in there. I was pleasantly surprised at how many clothes I found for her to wear for Fall. Having the larger sizes easily reachable and seen in the Ganizer bags will make it much nicer to swap when she moves on up to the next size.

The versatile use of these bags is amazing. I would love to have the larger size for toys, donation items, school/craft supplies, seasonal items and much more.

Ganizer will be featured on the show "Now That's Cool with Jane" on QVC tomorrow!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

6:00 pm EST

Two sizes will be available for purchase through QVC 
(Large & Extra Large). 


  1. This storage piece looks awesome. So versatile... you could use it when traveling, or to move things between rooms with ease.

  2. Wow, I can't believe it holds so much! This would be great for us as we currently live in a 600 sq. ft. condo!

  3. With them, you don't have to worry on how you will fit all of your things without having to damage or destroy them.
    Self Storage


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