being MVP: Feeling Wet? Take Control Back of your Life #ad #TryImpressa @Poise

Feeling Wet? Take Control Back of your Life #ad #TryImpressa @Poise

Having children and miracle of childbirth is such a wonderful experience and when you talk to people you hear such happiness in the stories they share. Having two kids of my own, I often find myself reflecting on the joys and am always excited for other friends who are expecting. However, there are many things that we women experience in the process that should be shared more openly to help others.

My body took a toll in my last pregnancy and left lasting effects that I was embarrassed to share until I realized how common these effects are. Stress urinary incontinence was one of those effects that have become a lasting development. After learning about it more I found that Poise’s “Impressa Bladder Supports have been created specifically for this issue.

After having children I realized that the control over my bladder was no longer the same as it use to be and found that simple everyday activities would cause me to leak. Simple workouts or even just sneezing would cause me to have a leak. I always thought it would resolve itself, but when it didn’t I realized that I suffered from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). SUI can easily be triggered by everyday occurrences such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting or exercise. I was mortified to share this with anyone including my husband, but after learning more about it I found that there are thirty-five million women that share in my experience. Knowing that so many women have the same issues made me feel better and I found talking about it helpful.

Recently I learned about Impressa and found it imperative that I share my discovery with other women. While most products on the market to help with SUI are simply pads or adult diapers, Impressa is designed to help stop leaks before they occur. Impressa helps temporarily manage SUI, but don’t absorb leaks like other products; they help prevent them. Impressa comes in three different sizes and the Sizing Kit helps you find the most effective and comfortable fit. The Sizing Kit includes 6 bladder supports (two of each size) to try and a $4 coupon towards a single pack. Impressa can last up to 8 hours! I love that I don’t have to worry about changing them or being bothered for such a long time. 

Impressa has made it possible for me to feel free and enjoy the simple joys of life again. I can truly enjoy going out with friends, having a good laugh and doing many activities that I have been afraid to fully enjoy. The constant worry that I’m going to leak in front of everyone and the uncomfortable feeling when it did occur have all been lifted thanks to Poise’s revolutionary product. Like me, many women have this fear and experience and should face their fears with Impressa. The $2.00 off coupon towards the Sizing Kit and the Single Size Pack is a great way to start taking control back and start letting go.


  1. I'm pregnant with our first and keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be the same but from everything I've heard maybe not! I'll keep this kit in mind.

  2. These are good to know about -- I know this is a lot more common than people think!


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