being MVP: Educational Toys from @Leapfrog Make Learning Fun

Educational Toys from @Leapfrog Make Learning Fun

Disclosure: I am a Leapfrog Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

I like finding educational toys and games for my kids. They enjoy all new toys and games so combining it with a little bit of learning makes us all happy. That’s why I turn to LeapFrog when I want to find a fun new way to learn and play. LeapFrog products are entertaining and use modern technology to appeal to kids and keep them engaged in learning. 

The LeapPad Platinum Tablet is designed for kids from ages 3-9 and truly captures the essence of today’s tech appeal. It is a 7-inch multi-screen tablet. The high-resolution touchscreen provides large, sharp images and graphics unlike other video game devices making it a strong competitor amongst other tablets. Kids are able to safely surf the web in a protected browser where they can choose from numerous kid-appropriate videos and more. I like knowing that the device is safe with little supervision needed in terms of content access.

I don’t have to hover around and constantly keep my eyes on them like I do when they have other devices. I can even password protect the device so that I can limit the time and customize experiences for each age. Additionally, my kids are able to access over 1000 games and activities that keep them from getting bored. The games are interactive and allow kids to unlock more gameplay with bonus Imagicards. LeapFrog educators approve the Tablet so I know this is a great learning device. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about replacing an expensive device because the Tablet is built to be handled by little ones with shatter safe screen and a wrap around bumper.

LeapFrog Imagicard PAW Patrol is perfect for kids between ages 3-5. Once activated, the cards allow kids to play as 6 different pups to strengthen their math skills. Activities include learning number sequence and matching shapes. My kids love picking out the pup of their choice and selecting the tools to complete each mission.

LeapFrog Imagicard Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is geared for children between ages 5 and 8. It’s also designed to sharpen math skills by helping the Turtles recover lost mutagen. My kiddos loved the fun challenges to try and deactivate security locks by using number knowledge and identifying the value of numbers. They used the Turtle’s special abilities to climb walls, chop things and create bridges all the while strengthening their math knowledge. They use curriculum cards throughout the game to solve math equations.

LeapFrog’s Word Whammer is ideal for kids between 4 and 6 and is great for building up children’s language skills. It features three games that you spin, tap and twist to build words and learn. The spin and learn letters shows how to match upper and lowercase letters and simply turning the handle helps you achieve the correct answer. My kids love using the handles to blast the rocket into spelling over 100 words. My kiddo kept telling me he wanted to play the teacup game, which allowed him to twist the handle to spin the teacups like at Disneyland and the teacups land into the correct answer. The Word Whammer gives kids a chance to practice phonics and spelling building a great foundation to reading and writing. The curriculum adjusts to every kid’s own level so that they can be individually challenged. 

LeapFrog is a leader in innovation and education. My kids are extremely entertained with their products and I love seeing the joy they have while enhancing their verbal and math skills. They are perfect for my children and ideal for gifts.

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What do you think about LeapFrog? Are you searching for educational toys for your child(ren)?


  1. My boys had quite a few LeapFrog toys when they were little. I love how they were learning as they were playing and didn't even realize it.

  2. Our daughter is just now growing out of her Leap Pad things - but boy did she love them for years! I love how they teach as they have fun!

  3. We love Leap Frog products at our house. They're fun and educational!

  4. We've always loved our Leapfrog toys. It's great knowing you are providing your children with educational toys that are a great quality.

  5. This looks like so much fun! I love that the word game involves more than just button presses. They twist and turn too!

  6. Leapfrog is still doing it right after all this time. I am so impressed with their newest toys especially the Word Whammer.

  7. My kids LOVeEleapFrop l leappads and the new one is fabulous, we love it. That word whammer looks great too.

  8. We used to have a couple of LeapPads! Great product. But Word Whammer looks like something *I* would love!

  9. Absolutely love the products made for kids from Leapfrog.I bought them for my children and now for my grandchildren as well.Such great learning tools that make learning fun.Well made,greatly priced,and skill improvement seen while using them.Thanks so much for the review.


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