being MVP: Rad Jamicures with Jamberry + #Giveaway

Rad Jamicures with Jamberry + #Giveaway

Disclosure: I received the following for review. All opinions are my own.

I love taking the bit of time to myself and applying Jamberry for Jamicures! While sitting at the spa and getting pampered while relaxing is always appreciated and anticipated, it doesn't quite happen as often as I'd like. Mainly because I am busy and it's just not practical to go every week / every other week. Although I have short nails, the power of Jamberry makes them look really cute and girly!

Once you have the application routine down, you can literally have your Jamicure complete in less than 15 minutes. Although I'm still not able to maximize the sheet to use each and every bit for several applications, I think it's a fantastic value just to even get two sets of Jamicures is out of them.

It's so much fun to mix and match as well as have accent nails. Jamberry has a vast collection of designs so that you can go wild to your heart's desire. Check out the super easy application process in my vid:

I love making my ring (4th finger) an accent color. These are also fun to wear on the toes. They last for about 2 weeks and look great throughout. They did seem to start peeling a bit sooner when going in the water every day in Maui. They are easy to take off as well : expose to a bit of heat, take off gently and rub with polish remover. Voila - ready for a fresh set of Jams!

I do have to start moisturizing my fingers a bit more though from the looks of these snapshots. When I visited my friend in the hospital the day after she had her 2nd baby, she was amazed when I told her my snazzy mani was actually Jamberry stickers

Jamberry also makes my coffee Instagram photos look so much better!

Hi, I'm Sarah Bridges and I'm your Jamberry Independent Consultant!  I love how Jamberry keeps my nails looking perfect day after day, without any chipping, smudging, or daily touch-ups!  Check out our BRAND NEW fall catalog, along with our new Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas wraps.

I'm giving TWO FREE SHEETS of wraps (your choice!) to everyone who books (and holds) one of my fun, themed Jamberry Facebook parties!  Sign up at this link, and just pick any date...we can change it later.

One winner will receive a $40 Gift Certificate!

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