being MVP: Get Engaged and Put Me in the Story | Back to School Personalized Book Tour + #Sweepstakes #PutMeInTheStory

Get Engaged and Put Me in the Story | Back to School Personalized Book Tour + #Sweepstakes #PutMeInTheStory

Disclosure: My friend Rita received the personalized book. All opinions are her own.

My son has always been an avid reader and by reader I mean I read to him as many books as I possibly can off his long request list. Every night I hear him ask for “one more.” He loves finding familiar objects in the stories and hearing and memorizing all the words. When I discovered Put Me In The Story, I knew immediately this was perfect for him and any child who you want to engage in reading. 

Put Me In The Story is a series of familiar book titles and characters that you can personalize for your child. Your child becomes a character in the story along with some of his favorite characters.  Unlike other personalized books, Put Me In The Story uses stories and characters that children are already familiar with like Sesame Street, Disney, Avengers and even Santa Claus. Put Me In The Story features stories by occasion, gender and age, which makes it possible to find the perfect story for any child.

Recently, Put Me In The Story released 3 new books featuring a school theme; a perfect parallel to back-to-school season.  The new line features Sesame Street, Dora or Hello Kitty. 

Dora Goes To School is an adventurous story about all the things that can happen on the first day of school. Your child helps his teacher get to the classroom before the last bell and in the process will run into old friends and learn new things. Plus, Dora helps your little one to read, count and speak Spanish. It’s perfect for your student explorer to enjoy a good adventure.

Let’s Go to School: Hello Kitty & Me is a back to school story where Hello Kitty and Mimmy have saved a place for you. Together, your child and Hello Kitty will count, find letters of the alphabet, paint pictures and play. Your little student will quickly see that there are many things to learn and sharing special moments and spending quality time are important.

Sesame street: Off to School is perfect story for getting ready to head to school. From waking up to coming home, your kiddo will help Elmo get ready for a fun filled day at school. Your kids will learn how much fun school can be and help build the enthusiasm to get ready for their own adventure.

I created a Sesame Street personalized story featuring my son and Elmo going to school. First of all, I greatly appreciated how easy the ordering process was. I was able to include a personalized dedication with ample space so I didn’t feel pressured to condense my message. Additionally, I quickly uploaded two pictures of my son to include in the story and was able to easily crop the picture using their tools to have the pictures best fit the space. After I entered all the information, I previewed the entire book from beginning to end and know exactly how the story will look.

When the story arrived, I was impressed by the quality of the print and how well the pictures turned out. The details placed into creating the book were equally notable. The hard cover book looked fantastic and even includes a brief synopsis on the back that included my son’s role in the story. My son loved hearing his name and seeing his picture in the book. Having been familiar with Elmo already and recently beginning school himself, my son quickly related to the story and enjoyed reading it repeatedly. 

This book was perfect for my son because while he enjoys school, he struggles to get ready and have a positive outlook on attending. With Elmo’s help, he gets excited about the concept and when we get ready I’m able to use references from the story to remind him how excited Elmo was. Unlike other personalized storybooks, Put Me In The Story is interactive. Throughout the story my son is asked to complete tasks to keep him entertained and engaged rather than just hearing a story about him. Seeing how much my son enjoys his new book and with a little one on the way, I immediately perused the “New Baby” section to find a large selection of books for her arrival. 

Put Me In The Story is extremely unique in how it captures its various audience and doesn’t limit its appeal to children. They feature a great selection of “Grown-Up Gifts” which include personalized Chicken Soup stories, wedding books, baby books, grandparent books and even graduation books. Put Me In The Story transcends the boundaries of age and gender to create a love for reading with personalized stories.
One Grand Prize: Sesame Street Prize Pack

·         Off to School with Elmo personalized book
·         Sesame Street Hello Elmo Red Toddler Backpack
·         Sesame Street Elmo and Friends Red Lunch Bag
·         Sesame Street Elmo 12x12 Canvas Wall Art
·         Sesame Street Elmo and Friends Throw

Three Runner-up Prizes: Personalized Elmo Book

·         Off to School with Elmo personalized book

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