being MVP: Carry and Cuddle with PetSac

Carry and Cuddle with PetSac

Disclosure: My friend Rita received a PetSac for review. All opinions are her own.

My son loves his stuffed animals and carries them everywhere he goes. Unfortunately, carrying him, his belongings, and his animals is a burden on me. Although, he likes to do everything himself, carrying all his things individually can also be quite a task for my little guy. The PetSac is the perfect solution for my little one. 

PetSacs are a revolutionary backpack and plush pet all in one. It’s a soft plush animal that my son can cuddle with, but pull the tail to unzip a patented cavity to convert your pet into a full size backpack. 

The full size backpack is ideal for travel, school and general every day toting around. My son loves hugging his animal and asks to put everything in his lion backpack so he can carry it himself. The lightweight material and comfortable feel allows my son to develop his independence and do things like a big boy.

I love the carefully created soft faux fur animal and the extremely durable backpack construction. The backpacks are made using the same rip stop nylon material used for parachutes. This makes the backpacks sturdy and easy to clean! All I have to do is wipe clean any mess that my kiddo lands in his backpack. Additionally, being a full size 14” backpack with 770 cubic inches of storage space allows me to pack quite a bit with ample room.  This is ideal for traveling on trips so I don’t have to miss anything and can keep it all together. Best of all I don’t have to pack an extra stuffed animal, which helps minimize packing. The backpack has two separate compartments to help keep things organized and easy to find.

As easy as it is to pull the backpack out, it’s equally as easy to put it back in and zip it up so my son has a little stuffed animal to cuddle with whether he is napping at school or having a sleepover at grandma’s house. I send all his stuff in this backpack and he has his comfort toy also.

You can customize your child’s Pet Sac using any of the 9 cute animal designs and pair it with a selection of fun patterns. They are reasonably priced at 19.99 and are available at Walmart, which is well worth the cost. I was very happy with the quality and convenience and my son was very happy about having his own cuddly backpack to carry things.

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  1. These are really cute and would make great gifts for some of my nieces and nephews.


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