being MVP: Best Kid Friendly Resort in Maui | The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Maui @ritzcarlton

Best Kid Friendly Resort in Maui | The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Maui @ritzcarlton

Disclosure: I received discounted rate for my stay as well as complimentary spa service and family activities. All opinions are my own.

I can't believe it's already been a month since our summer vacation to Maui. I'm already itching to go back as we've gotten back into the rhythm of life as usual. Since having kids, our summer vacation planning is always centered on what hotels/resorts will be most friendly to their needs rather than our own. So when Kenzie said she wanted to go back to Maui this summer, I was excited to tell her we were headed to The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua

Upon arrival, we were greeted with shell leis and couldn't wait to get to our room after a long flight and even longer delay at the car rental place. However, soaking in the view from the room tossed all thoughts of relaxation out the window and we decided to check out the resort after our bags arrived.

The Room

Sprawled across an impressive 54 acres, the resort overlooks a beautiful beach and is located minutes from downtown Lahaina. We stayed in a spacious Residential Suite because Hubs is partial to having a kitchen (partial) and living area when traveling with kids. The decor was clean and modern and the amenities were fantastic. I was impressed with the twice-daily housekeeping service who were always friendly and accommodating to our extra requests.

Although the sofa turns into a bed, since we were on vacation everyone just piled onto the King size bed which was high and fluffy! The two balconies were definitely a plus as we had an amazing view of the pool and beach. We left our bathing suits and pool toys to dry on one while lazily enjoying breakfast each morning on the other. When traveling with kids, breakfast is simple (there is a grocery store nearby) with pastries and fresh fruit. There is also a lovely cafe right down the elevator - Aina Gourmet - where Hubs and I grabbed delicious coffee. The free WiFi for the duration of our stay was definitely welcomed by both of us as he had to do a bit of work daily and I had to catch up on emails/blog work.

The Children's Pool

Having two young children who can't swim without floaties means that a fantastic children's pool is top priority when looking for vacation resorts. The Ritz-Carlton did not disappoint as the kids had a blast everyday splashing around and sharing their collection of toys with other guests. Yes I'm the mama who brings along a bucket load of toys much to Hubs' dismay. The delightful waterfall at the "deep" end of the children's pool was fun and the cookies delivered poolside were a wonderful treat. I really liked the long towels that slipped over the lounge chairs and the water cups next to the coolers were great when we forgot to bring along our bottles. The kids made friends and were sad to leave when we squeezed in one last swim on departure day.

There are wonderful luxury cabanas surrounding the three large pools which have various offerings from drink service, cold towels, magazines, TVs, outlets and more. Hopefully when the kids are a wee bit older, we can enjoy renting one of these for the day. Kenzie made new friends while in the larger pools and swam around with ease (with her floaties, of course).

The Beach

You just head down the resort to reach the beach area which is past the tennis courts. If you don't want to take the short 5 minute walk, you can opt to catch a ride in the golf cart - the guy is really nice and doesn't even mind all the sand you trek on the way back up. It is a nice stretch of sand that is really private - especially on days where it's not too crowded. You can opt to rent chairs and umbrellas as well but since the kids are not quite the all-day lounging type, we'll have to wait until they are older and appreciate the beauty of sitting on the sand and doing nothing but reading, snoozing and drinking beautiful drinks!

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ambassadors of the Environment

This is a really neat program from The Ritz-Carlton resort. There are activities for families to do together as well as activities for children to go on independently. I thought the Maunalei Magic Arboretum Hike would be easy on us as a family as Mason is still young. Our trained leader, Ms. Allie, picked us up and drove us a short distance to the entrance of the hike and brought along snacks as well as bug spray. She was engaging and knowledgeable (fellow University of Florida grad!) and the kids were in love with her. They had the change to learn about the various fauna and tasted a bright berry along the way to nature's trampoline (aka massive bouncy roots). The view at the top was unforgettable although Mason was pooped out to enjoy it. I highly recommend this activity!

Since Kenzie is 5 years old, she is now eligible to participate in the children's programs and the Marine Debris to Artistry was the perfect choice for this art class graduate. She went along with her favorite guide Ms. Allie to the beach where they gathered treasures to make art. What's neat is that the guide will take photos of your child(ren) and their activity and upload them to a site where you can download/print. *As well as on the family outings. How fantastic is that? Kenzie had a blast and was thrilled when I picked her up and told me about her exploration. Plus, the Ambassadors building is right next to Loco and Moco (resort pigs) so we were able to say hello a few times during our stay.

The Ritz-Carlton offers complimentary activities as well so make sure to check those out as well. The kids visited the koi pond at the entrance of the resort and fed the fish until their bellies were full. It was nice to teach them the importance of tipping as well. They were generous tippers by the end of the trip!

The Feast

The resort has some amazing restaurants on site and our first "meal" of course was poolside with offerings from The Pool Bar & Cafe. The kids could splash and play while taking bites of their favorite flatbread. We are definitely not "planners" when going on vacation so while we wanted to try Kai Sushi and The Banyan Tree, they were closed on the nights we wanted to have dinner. Next time!

However, since we were so close to Lahaina, we went there for a stroll, food, shopping and shave ice at our favorite place - - ok the place we frequented last year haha. The Ritz-Carlton is also a super close stroll to the Honolua Store (snacks and spam musubi) and Sansei Japanese Restaurant (delicious fried macadamia ice cream).

We were also able to try out Star Noodle (twice) which we wanted to last year but the wait was so long that we left without sampling. There is no shortage of great dining at the Ritz-Carlton resort as well as the surrounding areas.

The Spa

This mama finally got a little time to herself at the amazing Ritz-Carlton Spa. Everyone is so friendly and helpful that you can't help but smile. There are steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools and relaxation areas. When you book a treatment you receive complimentary access to those areas. Since I arrived early after dropping Kenzie off at her activity, I indulged in a bit of time in the sauna and whirlpool. It wasn't too crowded during my visit so it was like private time before my massage. The high-speed bathing suit dryer is a must try. Every resort needs to get this stat! The massage was much needed and definitely appreciated. I felt comfortable and relaxed and I wish I could be transported back there stat.

It would be so much fun to go back with my friends and enjoy a spa day while the guys watched the kids!

The fitness center is "a real gym" according to Hubs. He's the type who will pay the fee to use the fitness facilities while traveling even though it is sub par. The fitness center is clean, cool and offers a full range of weights and machines. He went daily and even I was surprised at how many people exercised on vacation!

If you want to truly have a wonderful family vacation in Maui and have a balance of happy kids with relaxed adults, head to The Ritz-Carlton - Kapalua. Check out my Instagram Feed for more pics of our trip!

What do you look for when planning vacation with your kids? Is a children's pool on the top of your list?


  1. I've never stayed at a Ritz where the stay wasn't heaven on earth. The staff is always amazing and Hawaii is just beautiful

  2. What an amazing vacation spot! This is where I want to take our next vacation! Actually though, we have two teens, and I really want to vacation with just my husband for a change. We may have to wait a few more years, and then go!

  3. This looks AMAZING! We opted to stay close to home and spend the summer on our boat this year but we're looking to try to take a family trip next summer.

  4. What fantastic photos! My children would love the koi pond and the kid-friendly food (and of course the beach)!! :D

  5. What a fun trip! I really love the room that you stayed in, especially the balcony!

  6. This is such a nice place. It's nice when you can find a vacation spot that's good for the whole family.

  7. Oh wow. Such a beautiful vacation spot and place to stay.

  8. This looks amazing <3 Love Hawaii. Good to know there's a kid friendly resort with activities to keep the little ones busy

  9. What a gorgeous resort!! Everything looks perfect - the food, the pool, all of it!

  10. My what a wonderful place to stay, I hope to get to Hawaii someday.

  11. My sister and her family are headed off to Maui in a few weeks. I'm dying to go back. This looks like the perfect place to stay.

  12. This looks like such a lovely place to stay and visit! The beaches are beautiful!

  13. This looks like a great place to escape to! I like that kitchen layout. The pool section looks like a perfect place for kids to go play at.

  14. Looks beautiful and relaxing! i'd love to visit to one day.

  15. I would LOVE to go to Maui! My husband is from Hawaii & even though we've been together for 11 years I still haven't been there at all and it kills me!

    1. OMG he definitely should take you this resort :)

  16. Your pictures alone are making me green with Envy! What a beautiful vacation you had.

  17. I love that their resort is kid friendly but still luxurious!

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