being MVP: Sleep Peacefully and Safely From the Start + #Giveaway #Halofromthestart

Sleep Peacefully and Safely From the Start + #Giveaway #Halofromthestart

Disclosure: My friend will receive SleepSacks from Halo. All opinions are her own.

Bringing home a new little one is a great joy, but also can be very nerve racking. A lot of work goes into taking care of your newborn and even when the baby is finally asleep you want to be certain to follow all the recommendations to give you the comfort of knowing your baby is resting safely.

Remember to use a crib that meets current safety standards and use a firm mattress with a tight fitting crib sheet. Soft surfaces like your own bed, sofas and chairs can put your baby at risk for SIDS. The first thing I learned in the hospital was how to swaddle my baby. The swaddle helped keep my baby bundled and safe. Thankfully, HALO created SleepSacks that work just as well and easily. My birthing class recommended them and I find them convenient for anyone. These swaddles and SleepSacks helped keep the baby resting safely on his back, which is key for all infants. 

Additionally, it’s recommended that you keep your crib free from and toys, bumpers and items including loose blankets not be used for a baby and thus wearable blankets and sleep sacks are a great way to keep your baby warm and safe.  

Pacifiers are a great tool, but try to only offer it when you are putting the baby to sleep and if you are breastfeeding, wait a month to introduce the pacifier to be certain breastfeeding has been established. When you are finished feeding place your baby back to sleep in a safe separate area. It’s okay to room share, but don’t bed share. Bed sharing can put a child at risk of suffocation. If you have your baby in another room, the swaddling and sleep sack will rest your mind that your baby is comfortable and safe so you can sleep better also.

Equally important is to never dress your baby too warmly and try to keep the room temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, I put my son is a simple onesie and then bundle him in a HALO SleepSack. I also set the temperature to automatically regulate at 72 degrees. I use to worry that he wasn’t warm enough but with the sleep sack and the thermostat settings regulated, I found I was doing what they were at the hospital.  Even better was that my son slept comfortably and peacefully in this way. Using these tips and general guidelines will help ensure your baby sleeps safely, which in turn will help you sleep peacefully.

Today through July 26, 2015, check out HALO's "Safe Sleep from the Start" campaign on Facebook for a chance to win a free HALO Bassinet and HALO SleepSack Swaddle! Just upload photos of your babies in HALO SleepSacks or Swaddles with #Halofromthestart. Good luck!

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