being MVP: Protect Yourself from Unanticipated Leaks #DiscreetatTarget ad

Protect Yourself from Unanticipated Leaks #DiscreetatTarget ad

Leaks happen. More often than one would think especially after having children. Since it is not convenient when you are at the gym or while out shopping to have unanticipated leaks, protect yourself with Always Discreet from Target.

I have been a fan of Always for as long as I can remember. Their new discreet line of products are great because they are offered in liners, pads and underwear for any potential leakage need. The liners are super thin and flexible yet can absorb 2x more than you need!* You can select the level of flow to meet your need which is really nice. These slip into your purse or bag discreetly so only you will know and you will stay protected through the day.

The Always Discreet Pads have full length Dual LeakGuards™ to prevent leaks while staying up to 40% thinner than the leading brand which means no squishy, bulky, noticeable pad under your clothing! Go all the way with Always Discreet Underwear with soft Dual LeakGuards™ at the legs and an advanced triple layer core while helps pull, trap and lock away urine wetness and odor. You will be protected at any level of incontinence and/or leaks after baby.

To maximize on savings with 20% off, order Always Discreet products with Target's subscription service! 

Go here click on the Always Discreet Liners, Always Discreet Pads, or Always Discreet Underwear product of your choice. Choose your size selection and check the box next to subscribe for 20% off. Select the delivery frequency and then click subscribe. Easy peasy and your order will be arriving to your doorstep in a jiffy!

Be confident when you step out to go about your day at work, while chasing after the littles and/or going on a hike through the beautiful Hawaiian trails with Always Discreet!

*Based on average US consumer usage

Do you experience unanticipated leaks? Have you tried Always Discreet

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  1. I love how discreet it is. After 3 kids, I need this!

  2. What a great product, and discreet is always good with having kids. Personally, I use cloth pads but I may give these a try!

  3. You can never go wrong with discreet. I'm a huge Always fan anyhow!

  4. It's nice that these are discreet and easy to use. No one should feel less confident becuase of bladder issues!

  5. I have luckily never had an issue with leaks. But I am a fan of the Always brand and discreet is never a bad thing.

  6. I don't deal with leaks but several of my friends do. Next time they're talking about it I'll have to bring these up!

  7. I love how thin and discrete these are! Always is a great brand.

  8. Being pregnant right now, I can really appreciate these! ;)

  9. Being pregnant right now, I can really appreciate these! ;)


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