being MVP: Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Review @microkickboard

Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Review @microkickboard

Disclosure: I received the following for review from Micro Kickboard. All opinions are my own.

My Kenzie is growing up so quickly which means her "toys" are ever changing to keep up with her interests and skill as well. She loves playing outdoors and has been enjoying "bike day" at school. Many of her friends bring scooters and she has been expressing an interest in these so-called grown up scooters so I just knew she would be ecstatic over her new Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter.

While Mason's favorite color is black, surprisingly Kenzie was happy to see this color and didn't hesitate to get her ride on. From the offset, one can definitely feel the difference in the Micro Kickboard product as it is sturdy and has weight to it. The T-bar option allows for easy balancing for  the younger end of the range (5-12 years old, up to 110 pounds) while the Joystick is designed for those confident in curving and carving.

It is easy to adjust the height by opening the latch, pulling up (or down) on the bar and then closing said latch. The solid construction is durable with a secure foundation for your little one to have loads of fun. The ride is super smooth as kids use their body weight and handlebar while leaning into a turn. I'm sure Kenzie can't wait to do some tricks once she gathers up the courage to do so. 

Kenzie is definitely having some major fun on her Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter and cruising around the neigborhood with ease. Is a Micro Kickboard scooter on your child's wishlist?


  1. This one looks a lot sturdier than the one I had growing up! ;)

  2. For my daughter it's fantastic gift..finger crossed

  3. I love all the colors they offer.

  4. I like how sturdy the Micro Kickboard looks. I worry less when a scooter has a wider board for their feet. I think my daughter would love the red one.

  5. That does look like fun. I rarely see kids riding bikes anymore. They are much more interested in skateboards and scooters these days.

  6. So cute! We have electric scooters for the older boys but this would be perfect for my younger one.

  7. She looks so cute on her scooter! My sons both loved their scooters when they were younger but the Micro Kickboard Maxi looks nicer than the scooters they had.

  8. Wow - this sounds like an awesome toy for kids! My lil guys would love this.

  9. Love this! She looks so happy riding her new scooter!

  10. This is really a quality scooter. I like all of the safety features too. My grandson is almost old enough for something like this. Thank-you for the information & review. :)

  11. That just looks like too much fun! It's so neat that they have such a rainbow of color options too. It covers everyone!

  12. My son has outgrown his scooter and this looks like something that would grow with him for a while. Love the sleek look!

  13. Cute, I love the colors! My kiddo is getting into the "big kid toys" stage and I am always on the look out for ideas like this!

  14. This looks like the best scooter I've ever seen - safe, sturdy and much fun! A scooter is a nice toy that you can feel pretty comfortable about and will help develop the skills they need for later a real bike, etc.

  15. These look so fun and I think my son would really enjoy one of these!

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