being MVP: Trying to Conceive: Getting Pregnant Success Story @Astroglide #TTC #AstroglideTTC #babystory #Conception #Fertility

Trying to Conceive: Getting Pregnant Success Story @Astroglide #TTC #AstroglideTTC #babystory #Conception #Fertility

My husband and I got married late in life, well late in terms of having kids. We were already in our mid 30s and knew we wanted children, but had heard many of our friends’ struggles in conceiving. Within a year of our marriage we made the decision that we were ready to try. I visited my OBGYN and she advised me that it may take a while and not to be discouraged, but mainly to relax and not stress. I thought, okay, that’s easy enough…I was wrong.

When my husband and I actually made our first attempt, I was far from relaxed. I  was tense and stressed and couldn’t keep from thinking about the fact that we were actually attempting to create another life and my entire world was about to change.

Logically, I knew that it didn’t all rest on this one attempt, but for some reason I couldn’t let go of the thousands of thoughts flooding my brain at that moment causing me to physically tense up. Needless to say, that first attempt became a painful memory for my husband and I. Unfortunately, the second attempt didn’t get any better and we soon realized that conceiving our first child was going to be more work than pleasure.

Every attempt we tried to get me “in the mood” and by that I mean relaxed, happy and hmmm… how can I put this…”loose.” Unfortunately, it was not as easy as it may seem and I continued to be tense and conceiving a child was just not fun. However, with repeated efforts we were blessed with the positive sign and my husband and I were overcome with joy. Knowing what I know now, I always encourage friends to try to relax also and definitely consider a very good lubricant to help at these moments.

At the time I wasn’t familiar with any lubricants and didn’t even think of its use for our struggle.  I was always afraid that most of them had chemicals that might defeat our purpose or be counterproductive. Astroglide TTC Trying to Conceive™ is specially formulated for conception and has pH levels to support fertility, exactly what I needed. Unlike other lubricants that can inhibit sperm motility, studies show that Astroglide TTC™ is compatible with sperm and allows sperm to move freely.

Astroglide TTC™ is less likely to impede sperm and also contains galactose (found naturally in semen) and fructose which is the main source of energy for sperm. This is the ideal lubricant to use when trying to conceive when faced with difficulties like I experienced. It helps relieve vaginal dryness during sexual activity and eases your mind on any negative effects on sperm when trying to grow your family.

Each package comes with 8 pre-filled disposable applicators that make it easy and comfortable to use. For novices like me, this makes what could be another stressful time even simpler. Astroglide TTC™ retails at an affordable $12.99, giving you the best bang for your buck compared to any competitor.

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine

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