being MVP: Safety First Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat Review

Safety First Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat Review

Disclosure: My cousin received the car seat from Safety First for review. All opinions are her own.

Seven years ago, when my first daughter was born, I got a Safety First Alpha Omega Elite car seat for her and we loved it.  We used it for many years and were very happy with it.  Now that we are on our third child, I figured it was time for a new one.  Up until now, the baby has been in a bucket style infant seat, but now that she’s getting bigger, it’s really gotten too heavy for me to manage.

The Safety First Alpha Omega Elite is perfect because it starts at newborn (5 lbs) and works up until your child is too big for a booster seat anymore.  I love this convertible feature because the car seat will really grow with my daughter.  I will never need to buy another car seat or booster seat again. And it can even be used as a booster seat for her older brother as well. The seat we received is a gender neutral color which is nice for me so I can switch between my kids.

I feel good about getting the Safety First Alpha Omega Elite car seat for my daughter because I know she’s protected. This car seat can be used rear facing from 5 to 35 pounds and 19 to 36 inches for height. It can be used forward facing from 22 to 50 pounds and 34 to 45 inches for height. The booster weight range is from 40 to 80 pounds, and 43 to 52 inches for height. The Safety First Alpha Omega Elite car seat features a removable cup holder for snacks or drinks, with I would say is pretty much a must have when going anywhere with three kids.

We had no trouble installing the car seat, since it comes equipped for the Latch system, and the instruction manual was very easy to follow.You can also use seat belts to install the seat if you prefer. I wish I would’ve just purchased this all in one car seat from when my daughter was born; looking back, I realize that other seat was a waste of money. The instructional manual was very ‘user friendly’ and I was able to easily figure out how to adjust the seat from stage to stage as my child grows.

This car seat has two red adjusting tabs at the top that allow parents to easily slide it up to increase the height of the back of the seat. The fabric cover can be removed and washed. The car seat’s expiration date of December 2021 is clearly printed on the bottom.

I can rest easy knowing that my daughter will be well protected for years to come. I think this Safety First convertible seat is a fantastic value for the price.

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  1. This car seat sounds like a very versatile option for little ones! I love that you can use it for newborns up to 80 lbs!

  2. I am so glad to know that this can grow with your child. It is exactly what my nephew needs for his son. I am not happy with the one that the hospital provided. I also love that the seat cover is washable.

  3. I'm pregnant with our first child and actually looking for a carseat! Love that this one can be used throughout all of the stages!

  4. I love that this has two adjusting tabs to allow for increasing the height of the seat. Brilliant.

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