being MVP: Family Travel Tips for Summer #DiscoveritMiles @Discover

Family Travel Tips for Summer #DiscoveritMiles @Discover

We are headed to Maui in a month and I have just been counting down the days. Although we went to Maui last year, we are headed there again because Kenzie has selected it for summer vacation. However, we will be staying at the Ritz Carlton which is in a different are than the Westin. Travel planning is pretty stressful, especially when discovering the high summer rates but I've got some tips to share with you.

 1.  Pack smart. Roll your clothes to save space and cut down on wrinkles. 

When you have two young children in tow, most of the luggage space is now dedicated to them. Although technically we can pay for their own suitcases, it's not economically wise with the high baggage fees. I'd rather spend the extra $ on dining! So as a family of 4, we usually check 2 large suitcases and carry on 2. This means I need to pack my clothes plus the children's clothes in one and Hubs packs his clothes and children's necessities plus shoes plus water toys in another. I've found that by rolling all of our clothes and stacking, much more can fit as well as keep the wrinkles at bay.

2.   Bring a portable charger (or two) ALWAYS. 

Although my kids love to draw and play with their small toys on the plane, the iPad and/or tablets are pretty handy when waiting for a flight and on board. While we try to remember to charge all devices to the fullest before departing, sometimes the panic of last minute packing gets in the way. Having a portable charger saves the day!

3.  Rack Up Some Major Miles for your Next Vacation

If you are like me, charging / swiping is second nature when making a purchase. Why not get something back in return on what you are spending anyway? My mother is the best influence since she gave me my first credit card in high school - a Discover card with rewards. Fast forward ahem 15+ years and the Discover it Miles® card offers so much more perks!
  • No annual fee
  • Fly any airline any time. Just buy a ticket and use Miles to credit your statement
  • 1.5x miles for every dollar spent on purchases
  • An annual credit up to $30 for in-flight Wi-Fi charges
  • Miles never expire 
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Overnight shipping of a replacement card to any U.S. street address upon request
  • A $0 fraud liability guarantee where you are never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card
Pretty neat right? You can redeem miles for CASH or statement credit toward travel purchases. There is a sweet introductory offer right now :: Discover it Miles cardmembers will now receive double the amount of miles you’ve earned at the end of your first year – with no spending cap. You read that correctly!

4.  Don't Over Pack. Gotta leave room for the shopping and souvenirs right? 

This is a hard one even for me. It seems as if I'm packing to go to a remote place with the kids with all the supplies I bring and eventually bring back home without using. You can most likely buy what you've forgotten at your destination. Plus kids almost always want to buy random toys and souvenirs that you can't deny because you want them to have great memories right? Yes I've purchased shells when we've collected our own (for free) at the beach! Since you don't want to pay for new luggage or excess baggage fees, leave a bit of space for the trinkets.

5.  Look For a Place with a Kiddy or Children's Pool 

Although the beach may be steps away, I found that my kids prefer the pool....especially a kiddy pool. They can spend literally hours splashing in the pool until they are exhausted for naptime. Who knew a bucket plus scoop would keep them so happy? 

Most importantly, have FUN. Put the phone down (when you are not taking a ridiculous amount of photos to share on social media) and enjoy the precious time with your kids. They grow up so cherish the travel time you get during the summer!

Do you have a Discover card? What do you think about the Discover it Miles® card perks?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Love your tips. I just learned about the rolling clothes one recently and I love that one :)

  2. Great tips. I always roll my clothes. And on especially long flights I like to create pencil pouches with small activities like those tiny tubs of playdough or a few legos... Helps when they want to do something with their hands besides coloring and our electronics have fizzled out.

  3. Great tips! I always end up overpacking, it's like a sickness. But I think as moms we worry about all those "what ifs" and overlook the fact that most hotels have laundry service lol.

  4. Thanks for the tips...I definitely have to remember about rolling clothes in the suitcase as i always end up with wrinkled clothes! and to leave room for souvenirs back! :) I'm planning to take a trip soon with my now 2 1/2 yr old and I'll be sure to remember those great tips :) Thanks!

  5. Great tips! I need to learn to NOT over pack, that is my biggest thing. Love all the pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  6. These are some great tips! You will likely laugh but I seriously take a portable charger for my portable charger because there is nothing worse that the kids gadgets dying while traveling!

  7. Great tips thanks so much for sharing. And those are some awesome pictures.

  8. My favorite tip of yours is to get a place with a kiddie pool! So true!!

  9. Those are great tips. I am a terrible over packer never leaving any extra room.

  10. Those are great tips! Rolling clothes is a MUST for us! I'm a little envious of your Hawaii trip - have a great time!!

  11. I am an over-packer, I must admit. But saving room for souvenirs is so much more fun so that may motivate me to ditch all the excess.

  12. Great ideas. Rolling clothes was a trick I learned early on working for the airline and traveling almost daily! Thanks for posting this!

  13. I agree with the portable chargers and a pool! I need to cut back on packing too -

  14. Good tips, we are traveling with 4 kids in a few weeks and I am already starting to panic!

  15. I wish we could travel this summer, but we will be staying close to home while we await the arrival of our little one.

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