being MVP: Experience New SUHD Technology from Samsung @BestBuy + RSVP for Twitter Party @SamsungTVUSA #SUHDatBestBuy #ad

Experience New SUHD Technology from Samsung @BestBuy + RSVP for Twitter Party @SamsungTVUSA #SUHDatBestBuy #ad

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

I am constantly awed by the technological advances in televisions of late. Plus Hubs is always wanting to upgrade to the latest and greatest so guess who was delighted to check out the new SUHD Technology from Samsung on our latest Best Buy trip?
When you head to your local Best Buy, stop by the Samsung Shop to experience the difference of 4K :: revolutionary panel featuring Nano-crystal technology which means more colors and a brighter picture. Plus not only is the immersive curved screen a pretty design, it portrays a greater sense of depth. 

Detailed Features: 
  • Enjoy a brighter, more true-to-life picture with a wider range of colors
  • Peak Illuminator Pro for enhanced picture detail and color
  • Improved black levels and contrast for a greater sense of depth
  • 4 times the resolution of full HD
  • Smart View 2.0 – Watch your TV on your mobile device
  • Enjoy faster speed for your media with the Octa-Core Processor

This is a beautiful television that will fit into any home. I saw an exclusive sneak peek of Jurassic World on it inside Best Buy at the Samsung Entertainment Experience Shop and boy was I wowed. You can experience it for yourself for a limited time only from May 31-June 13, 2015.

Make sure to also take advantage of the Special In-Store Savings on Samsung SUHD TV's up to $1,500 from 5/31-6/13/15.

Want to learn more and win some Best Buy gift cards? Put a reminder on your calendar for the fun SUHD twitter party!

@BestBuy and Brand Ambassador @dodomesticdad will be hosting an SUHD Twitter Party on Thursday June 9th at 7:00 pm CST. 

Feel free to join the twitter party for a chance to receive Best Buy gift cards. 


  1. I would love one of these televisions. My hubby wants us to get one as our Christmas gift to each other.

  2. I bet this would be an amazing tv! My husband would love it. We currently have a Samsung and worth every penny.

  3. If we needed a new TV I would so try and push for this one. That picture is just amazing.

  4. I'm a Samsung junkie ! We love ours, now that we have decent cable service. Before we moved the picture was just ehhhh. Now tho we have HD service and the picture is awesome! We are also House of Cards junkies and goodness its like being in the room with them!

  5. We are due for a new television and this one looks superbe!!! I can't even begin to imagine what our family movie nights would be like with this little beauty in our living room!!

  6. I went in and saw it too...amazing TV. I would love to have one...

  7. Ohhh, I need to go check it out! I know my husband would be drooling over it!

  8. Amazing! This TV is awesome. I bet it feels like you're really there when watching a show.

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