being MVP: DIY Seashell Necklace | Fun Crafts with Mom

DIY Seashell Necklace | Fun Crafts with Mom

Since we are vacationing (aka annual visit to FL grandparents) and have spent many, many hours at the pool and beach - - I thought it would be fun to recreate one of the crafts I did as a child - - a shell necklace. When I mentioned our craft for the week to my mother, she said that I could just go buy it! What?!?! That takes the fun out it.

We hunted down the best shells with holes made by nature for our craft. Seriously, the beaches in FL have plenty of shells to make necklaces for days!

  • Seashells with holes
  • 20 lb Hemp Cord
  • Scissors


1.  Trim a piece of hemp cord so that it will be the length that you want. I like it a little bit long because of the adjustability when completed. 
2.  Thread the seashells onto the cord - as many as you want - but I think about 5-7 look nice and not too clumped.

3.  Trim a piece of cord about 6 inches long and fold so that one side is about an inch longer. Lay against the ends of the necklace and take the long piece and wrap around about 4 times. Then take the end and pull through the looped end to tighten. I like to knot about 2-3 times to make it secure and then trim off the excess. You can now pull the ends of the necklace to adjust longer and shorter.
4.  Make several to give to friends (as Kenzie did) or even make this a DIY favor at a party!

Check out the DIY Water Sponge Bombs from MomSpotted this week. I hope you enjoy and link up your craft!

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  1. Great for vacation memories, thanks for sharing

  2. I loved doing this as a kid. I think I will make with my daughter this summer and maybe add some paint and glitter!

  3. Love these! Pinned! We always bring home shells from our vacation! What a great way to use them!

  4. Pinned, saving this for our trip to the beach this summer!

  5. What neat and fun idea to use shells collected from the beach!

  6. As I live in the Tampa Bay area, I'm loving your daughter's Bucs cap! These shell necklaces are so fun. Easy too! Thanks!

  7. these shell necklaces are so cute and good for any age! It would take the fun out of it to buy them, but they would make a nice gift!

  8. These are really cool. I painted american flags and stars on a bunch with glow-in-the-dark-paint for 4th of july necklaces

  9. This is so fun!! I wonder if there would be a way to collect and make holes in your own shells for this project?!?! I don't think we have many holey shells in wisconsin :(

  10. I love this idea. My Daughter's family goes to the beach every year and they love collecting shells. This would be perfect for my Granddaughter, she loves crafts and creating this necklace something she would love.


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