being MVP: Hormones and Their Function in Our Body

Hormones and Their Function in Our Body

How many times did you feel under the weather and you simply couldn’t figure out what is wrong with you? Our body is a complex system and as such it is regulated by various organs. If there is any imbalance in our body, this can be seen by various changes that can happen to us. The biggest issue is that we can’t figure out what is happening. In most cases, when something is hurting us, we can realize which organ is endangered by the part of the body which is aching. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t feel pain but we exhibit changes. This usually happens due to hormonal imbalance.

Hormones are chemical compounds formed in our body. They are created by various glands and organs and they are transferred through blood to target organ. We use them as specific messengers that need to transfer information from one place to another. When they reach certain cell, they transfer all the information which enables the body to function properly. If our body can’t produce enough of these molecules, this can impact our body in various ways by making us nervous, depressive, changing our metabolism, impacting our growth, libido and by influencing many other functions of our body.

These are some of the most important hormones in our body:
  • Testosterone – most important male sexual hormone, it is produced in testicles and it regulates different sex specific traits such as hairiness, muscle definition, body fat distribution, male libido and many other traits. As such, it is very important during young age because it influence formation of male organs and their function. This hormone is also produced in women body but it doesn’t have nearly as important function as it has for males. It can cause women to have interests and behavior which is more typical for men.

  • Estrogen – women counterpart of testosterone, it is important for creation and maturation of female sex organs as well as for their function. Similarly to testosterone, it is produced in ovaries and in placenta during pregnancy. Estrogen is very important for pregnancy and conception. Women with healthy amount of estrogen in their body can easily conceive a child. At the same time, again, like testosterone, it impacts female-like traits and behavior.

  • Thyroid – this hormone is produced in thyroid gland and it is one of the most important, if not the most important hormone in our body. It regulates our metabolic processes and protein synthesis during mature years. People that have issues with this hormone can exhibit various metabolic changes such as inability to gain or lose weight, sensitivity to temperature, problems with stool, muscle weakness and many others issues. Furthermore, it can also impact babies. Some of them lack thyroid hormone upon birth which can slow their growth and lead to mental retardation.

  • Oxytocin – although many people disregard this hormone and its usefulness, it is the most important compound which influences our social behavior and the way we are bonding with other people. Oxytocin creates bond between spouses, child and mother as well as other bonding processes within a group. It also impacts traits such as loyalty and obedience. In case that you lack oxytocin in your blood, you can replenish it wish oxytocin sublingual drops or nasal spray from Oxytocin Factor.

  • Cortisol – another important hormone with a few crucial functions. It is produced in adrenal gland and it has effect on glucose, blood pressure and metabolic processes. However, its main function is to react to stress and life-threatening situations. It gives us instant surge of energy in dangerous situations and it helps us realize when our life is threatened. In these situations, large amount of cortisol is released in our bloodstream allowing us to react.

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  1. I appreciate you writing about hormones and their importance on overall health. Now that I'm in menopause I sincerely miss the hormones that are lost without having a regular period of ovulation. Thanks for the information!


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