being MVP: DIY Fairy Wands w/Linky #FunCraftsWithMom

DIY Fairy Wands w/Linky #FunCraftsWithMom

We just had the most fun movie screening party and created these fun fairy wands that were inspired by Tinker Bell. You can actually customize with different colors to fit the theme of your party and they also make great DIY party favors. 

  • Light Pink Tulle Spool
  • Scissors
  • Long Wooden Dowels
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Various ribbons
  • Glue Gun
  • Movie theater size candy box


1.  Wind the tulle around the candy box many, many times and then cut from the spool. The more you wrap it, the more "full" your wand will be.

2.  Cut an approximate 4 inch piece of tulle. Carefully pull the wrapped tulle of the candy box so that it retains its shape. Wind the piece of tulle around the center and tie tightly.

3.  Take your scissors and cut all the loops. Make sure to fluff as you go. You can trim once you've cut all the loops but I like the semi-imperfect look.

4.  Spray paint your wooden dowels. I did this overnight so they were ready before we started the craft.

5.  Cut your ribbons almost the length of the wooden dowel. Attach to the dowel with the glue gun.

6.  Attach your puff to the dowel where the ribbons are glued.

7.  Ready to have some magical fairy fun!

Check out the Leprechaun Slime from MomSpotted this week. I hope you enjoy and link up your craft!

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  1. What a cute craft! Great for imaginative play!

  2. What a wonderful and cute idea. This gives me a lot of ideas for halloween customs this fall. I know my granddaughter will probably go as a fairy this year.

  3. These are so cute,I don't look to expensive or difficult to make,will have to try for my daughters upcoming birthday.

  4. I love how puffy they are! My toddler will love making these!

  5. Not sure how, but I missed this post! I love this idea... my daughter is very into make-believe and fairies right now. This will be a perfect rainy craft for her. :)

  6. These are so cute!! I'm going to try making some.

  7. Oh these are so super fun!! What great dress up play props or birthday party souvenirs!! Loooove the pom on the end!!

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