being MVP: 4 New Stages of Toddler Drinking Products @avent_us

4 New Stages of Toddler Drinking Products @avent_us

Disclosure: My friend Rita received cups from Philips Avent for feature. All opinions are her own.

Transitioning your baby to a sippy cup can be a difficult feat. When I first tried the sippy cup I found my son struggled to drink let alone hold the glass. As the training progressed I found some cups to be helpful and some that he did not like at all. Philips Avent sippy cups come in a wide variety of the best qualities that help even the fussiest babies learn the sippy cup well. Here are my top four favorites and why.

1. Philips Avent My Trainer Cups

This cup is great at that initial transition featuring handles and soft spouts with easy to read measurements much like the traditional bottles. What is great about this cup is that it comes with soft bottle like nipple top which can easily be changed to the traditional beginner spout. Unlike most spouts with one tiny hole making it difficult for the child to get the milk he wants, this spout features a tiny slit. This simple change makes it easy for a child to get the milk he wants and makes the transition much smoother.

2. Philips Avent My Penguin Sippy Cup

This cup features everything the Avent My Trainer Cup with the slit spout, handles and easy to read measuring system. The fun design and colors are great at entertaining my son and makes him smile whenever he sees this cup. He even asks for his Penguin cup.

3. Philips Avent My Easy Sippy Spout Cup

These Cups are great in transitioning your child from handles to holding the cup on their own. It has a rippled exterior making it easier for your kiddo to grab and hold without any help. Much like the other cups it still features a soft silicone spout with a tiny slit to make drinking easy.

4. Philips Avent My Twist ‘n Sip Straw Cup

This is an ideal cup for a growing toddler. It features a soft silicone straw with a leak proof valve. The twist lid keeps the straw clean on the go and easy enough for your kid to open and close on their own. Much like the other cups it also comes with easy to read measurements on the side.

The Philips Avent cups are ideal in having your kiddo learn to use the sippy cup in a fun and easy way. They take away all the work for both you and your kiddo making it fun for them to grow up. Best of all they account for life on the go and feature a spill free design and come with easy covers to keep everything clean and hygienic. Finding the right cup for the different stages your child goes through is easy with the Philips Avent cups.


  1. These are very nice cups that help a child go through different stages in their growth. My nephew could really use these cups to help him learn at different stages! I will have to tell my sister about these amazing cups!

  2. What a great idea...something that my son needs to have.

  3. As a hands on dad, I prefer Avent over other bottles. They're so easy to clean!

  4. These are great cups that get your little one through the stages. I like the trainer cup.


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