being MVP: Learning to Read is Fun with Reading Eggs + Sign Up for FREE 4 Week Trial

Learning to Read is Fun with Reading Eggs + Sign Up for FREE 4 Week Trial

Tracking Pixel This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Reading Eggs.

Kenzie is a sponge. She is eager to learn and surprisingly, doesn't need prodding from me. She has been working on her reading skills at preschool so it was a delight to get her tested through the Reading Eggs program to continue her learning journey. As a newly turned 5 year old, Kenzie is pretty tech savvy. In my opinion, technology opens up huge opportunities for learning (as opposed to my days when the computer was just starting to become available in homes). 

Educational programs that are easy, fun and guide your child through lessons get a big thumbs up from me. The Reading Eggs program really is engaging and Mason even joined in on the fun and learning. Can you believe he was pointing out many of the correct answers at just 2 years old? 

What's nice about this reading program is that it goes at your child's pace. There is no need to rush through a lesson or is there pressure to be at a certain level to start. You can opt to begin at the 1st lesson or have your child run through a "test" to find their current level. There are 120 reading lessons that travel through 12 exciting maps. Kenzie was breezing through these like a champ. They are short and simple to keep the attention span of young children. I make a big deal when she completes a lesson with shouting and praise. Kenzie definitely feels a sense of achievement and accomplishment and wants to continue.

The Music Cafe is a hit with both of the kids. They like to dance along with the characters from the lessons. It is hilarious watching them! I do wish that the songs were a bit longer.

Kenzie has just touched the tip of the Reading Eggs program. As she becomes confident in her lessons and her reading level increases, she will be able to fully enjoy the rest of the Reading Eggs World.

Skills Bank:
96 Carefully graded spelling lessons to develop skills in a progressive sequence.

Driving Test Centre:
45 Tests covering sight words, phonic skills and content-area vocabulary with a racing car game reward. Kenzie started a couple of these tests and actually did quite well. I was surprised at her proficiency level.

Puzzle Park:
32 Word Puzzles that develop a range of reading skills.

Eggy Bank:
Earn Golden Eggs by completing activities and used in Arcade (24 fun arcade games) and Reggie's Shop (purchase accessories for avatar and house). Kenzie wanted to keep earning more eggs to purchase items for her house. She purchase a table with flowers but has quite a wishlist. She loves to shop like her mama.

The Playroom:
Over 170 Activities and Books for young children to play (music, pictures, puzzles, and more).

20 Lessons, 140 Activities, 20 Books and rewards!

Story Factory:
Step-by-step guide to writing a story. This reminds me of when I used to write my own stories, illustrate and get them bound. Kenzie will definitely enjoy this portion in a couple of years.

What are you waiting for? If you want your child to develop a love of reading and advance their skills while having fun, try out the Reading Eggs program for free!

*This trial offer is valid from December 26, 2014 – February 28, 2015.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Reading Eggs.


  1. My SIL uses this with my niece and has nothing but good things to say about this program!

  2. I'm going to check out this trial, it sounds perfect for my twins. they really need the fun aspect or they won't do it. And, this one looks fun!

  3. Learning and fun are a great combination! I much prefer that my niece spend time on the computer doing something like this than a mindless game. I think this app is awesome.

  4. I love anything that can help make learning fun. I never want learning to feel like a punishment for the kids.

  5. What a great app. Learning has to be fun, or the kids just WON'T be into it.

  6. This looks like a great tool for children that are immune to sitting still! The fun aspect of it is enough to keep my son entertained while he learns.

  7. It i so hard to get kids interested in learning and this sounds like a great way to get them to do that and have fun too.

  8. I love Reading Eggs. My 5 yr old has a profile and so does my daycare boy.

  9. I did Reding Rabbit when I was a young girl and educational programs like it really gave me an edge, especially when returning to school after the Summer. I will have to let my sister in law know about this!

  10. This is so cute! I love creative, educational tools that teach while maintaining the fun in the activity.

  11. How cool! What a fun way to teach children!

  12. This sounds like a great resource. I'm going to look into this for my two children.

  13. My grandson is 16 months and still a little too young but I know he would enjoy seeing the brightly colored images and following along.

  14. I just have to chime in and say that I LOVE Reading Eggs! We've been subscribers for the past year and a half and my 4 year old still plays it every day! It really has been instrumental with teaching my 4 year old to read.

  15. we love reading eggs. my four year old uses the iPad app and loves it.

  16. Great offer! My daughter learned to read really early and this is a great tool to help other parents accomplish just that!

  17. Since my 5 year old seems to be having some reading troubles at school, I think this is a great program. I could really use this for supplemental learning.

  18. I like that it goes at your child's pace. I would love to have my granddaughter try this.

  19. Reading eggs is fantastic! Great for the kids to have fun and learn at the same time. Perfect resource to keep those brains running.


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