being MVP: Last Minute Gift Giving Made Easy + $100 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway #BigManGift

Last Minute Gift Giving Made Easy + $100 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway #BigManGift

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Are you scrambling for last minute holiday gifts like I am? If so, have you thought about gift cards? They are quick and easy to buy and the options are endless. Did you know that many grocery stores carry hundreds of gift cards so you can just pick some up while in the checkout line?

I love pairing a gift card with flowers, wine or even edible treats. It's a nice hostess gift as well when you are on the way to a holiday party. I think that "variable" gift card options are really nice because you can load any amount up to $500 for your recipient's favorite retailer while staying within your limit. If you are participating in a white elephant exchange at work, a gift card is always a popular pick.

Some grocers, like Safeway, even offer increased fuel rewards on gift card purchases. It's like you are getting a little something back for giving a gift - win/win for all. Gift cards are also the perfect size for stocking stuffers - I can think of several stores that I would love a spending spree to!

If you are an online shopper, check out the hundreds of gift cards on

Are you planning on grabbing some gift cards during your last minute shopping excursion?

 Enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Good luck!

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