being MVP: Coty Fragrance Gift Sets | $4 OFF Coupon Code + Walmart Gift Cards #Giveaway - 5 Winners! #HolidayFragrance #ad

Coty Fragrance Gift Sets | $4 OFF Coupon Code + Walmart Gift Cards #Giveaway - 5 Winners! #HolidayFragrance #ad

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I can't believe that the holidays are coming up so soon because I still have quite a number of people to shop for. From since I can remember, my mother buys fragrance gift sets for anyone and everyone. I like that they are already in gift giving form and who can resist celebrity fragrances nowadays? 

When you visit the Holiday Fragrance Gift Center, you can easily take a "Which Holiday Shopper Are You?" quiz to receive a $4 off coupon! Just input your style of shopping, gift budget, shopping buddy (or not), who you are shopping for and how frequently you shop. Your suggested gifts also pop up below your result.

My result?
You're Santa's Lil' Helper | You've got the inside info on what people love which makes you a great gift giver.

Did you know that Walmart carries exclusive holiday fragrance gift sets from the top fragrances you love that you won't find anywhere else? They include celebrity fragrances from Beyonce, Faith Hill, Katy Perry and more for men and women on your shopping list with prices starting at just $8.98.

I selected the Nautica Blue Men  for a coworker of mine because they just started running and completed their first marathon just a few months ago. Sporty and adventurous scent that will be perfect.

Nautica Blue A masculine blend of scents infused with Jasmine, Cedar, Bergamot, Musk, Sandalwood and Water Lily. A distinguished fragrance crafted for the adventurous gentleman who radiates a crisp, clean style.

Who would love a holiday fragrance gift set this year?

Holiday Fragrance Gift Center Giveaway


  1. Fragrance gift sets are often my go to for gifts. They are always nice and who doesn't want to smell good.

  2. I agree that fragrance gift sets are a great gift option. I started buying them for my oldest daughter. She loves them plus they are affordable.

  3. I actually asked Hubby to get me a fragrance this year!

  4. I don't wear much perfume, but I do like it for nights out (when I get them!) I would probably purchase Katy Perry's perfume just based on her fun personalty. I would be money that it's great!

  5. It's funny that I'm reading this now because I did ask hubby for some perfume for Christmas! I'll have to ask him to go check out some of these.


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